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I don't know whether or not to drop Spanish

aychtooOaychtooO 5 replies5 threads New Member
There are huge pros and cons for continuing Spanish:

Pros (why I should keep it):
- It has gotten me into 2 honors societies and if I quit I will be kicked out of both of them (those are my only honors societies I will probably ever get into)
- Every year I am placed into honors and get over 100% each time (I have been doing it for 3 years)
- I MAAAAAAY want to pursue med-school
- I am very passionate about world languages
- I am well on a track to completely AP Spanish with a high grade

Cons (why I should drop it):
- I don't like the language. I am not passionate about it at all and I hate speaking it in public (which I have to do pretty often in my community)

- My dream is to move to Japan, and Spanish classes simply take time away from when I could be studying a language I love vastly more: Japanese (I hope to eventually self-study AP Japanese on my own, although the grade might not be as high as if I took AP Spanish with a class) ((although if I take med-school than Spanish would be vastly superior))

- If I drop Spanish, I will have room in my Spanish to continue one of my favorite classes: Filmmaking

- I could not care less about Hispanic culture, which is like 25% of the class. I don't have any interest in moving to a Spanish-speaking country

- It gives me a lot of stress because it reminds me of the fact that I should have taken Chinese because I am very interested in East Asia and have a lot of Asian friends. Life is too short to pursue something that I do not enjoy

TL;DR: I hate Spanish but it drastically boosts my college-app as I am really good at it. I want to get into a good college but I am also stressed out about the fact that I am literally going to have to take it for a total of 5 years (but I only have 2 left).
5 replies
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Replies to: I don't know whether or not to drop Spanish

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 8670 replies77 threads Senior Member
    Selective colleges want to see 3-4 years of FL.
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  • aychtooOaychtooO 5 replies5 threads New Member
    Really? So how much would it hurt my chances in getting into an Ivy League school even with a <4.0 GPA if I decide to drop it? I have already taken Spanish 1 (self-study), 2 (standard), and 3 (honors). I have been approved for Spanish 4 honors.

    I will have to drop a few honors societies so keep that in mind. I want to major in an engineering or science.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 42352 replies455 threads Senior Member
    If you're aiming for highly selective colleges then take Spanish through level 4, including culture, history and some literature.
    Keep self studying Japanese: You'll need to take some Foreign Language classes in college and at that point you can choose Japanese.
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  • BellaMorganBellaMorgan 108 replies1 threads Junior Member
    It really takes some time for someone to learn about a certain culture and language of a certain country. I feel like it will be better if you will continue it as it can be beneficial in the future.
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  • aychtooOaychtooO 5 replies5 threads New Member
    Kind of late for this but I used < instead of > when talking about my high GPA. Pretty ironic how you don't have to be smart to get good grades.
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