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Eli Whitney Program 2020 Thread

IndirectProofsIndirectProofs 588 replies10 threads Member
Hi everyone! I thought I'd start this thread although it's early!
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  • IndirectProofsIndirectProofs 588 replies10 threads Member
    I'm not 100% sure if I'm applying, but I'm waiting to get my SAT score back.
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  • hoothoot5hoothoot5 11 replies1 threads New Member
    Ahhh finally a thread! Hello! I'll be applying this year. @IndirectProofs I think I recognize you from threads earlier this year? :D
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  • rjmaysrjmays 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi all,

    I have been mulling over applying to the Eli Whitney Program in the fall of 2020, and have all but decided to do so.

    I am somewhat torn over my next steps however. After review of the course catalog offered by my local community college, I am hesitant to enroll as the courses do not reflect the level of academic rigor I would like my application to demonstrate to the admissions committee. Instead, I am considering enrolling in a handful of higher level political science courses through Harvard Extension School (HES).

    Would Yale EYP view that decision favorably? I have been unable to find any records of Harvard Extension students being accepted to the Yale EYP, but am also mindful that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    Some numbers and personal/professional background adapted from my personal statement:

    Application Composite:
    SAT Test Scores (2010): 2210
    College GPA (2010-2012): 3.0; 54 credits
    (2020): 4.0; 24 credits
    I plan to make A's in all my classes for the next two semesters
    Recommendation letters will likely be from Mayor Bottoms, Stacey Abrams and a professor.

    Relevant Professional & Volunteer History:
    Six years of experience working in political communications
    Rich history of public advocacy for LGBT youth in faith communities
    Serves as non-profit communications director for Q Christian Fellowship, the world's largest faith-based LGBT community
    Published essayist featured in several anthologies

    My undergraduate journey began at Florida A&M University at sixteen years old and while my arrival was met with much fanfare, I'm afraid I never lived up to it academically during my tenure on-campus. Instead during this time, I struggled to reconcile the faith I was raised in with my queer identity. The dissonance between the moral code of my evangelical upbringing and the way I experienced attraction took it's toll and ultimately resulted in a clinical depression diagnosis and the development of an anxiety disorder during my sophomore year. The following year, unable to return to college due to financial holds and without parental support, I began the arduous but rewarding journey to find some sense of reconciliation between my sexuality and the faith I treasured.

    Since then, I've done a good deal of hard work and self-examination while leveraging my skillset in various professional capacities including:

    - working in the private sector as a software engineer for Lockheed Martin and later Apple.

    - In 2013, I founded my own consulting firm providing web development and crisis management services to small businesses and non-profit organizations here in Atlanta.

    - Following years of private practice marketing for digital platforms and political engagement as a volunteer organizer, in 2017 I served as the Digital Communications Director for the Keisha Lance Bottoms for Mayor campaign.

    - After a whirlwind Mayoral runoff victory for Mayor Bottoms, due to my engagement in her campaign, I was graciously offered and humbly accepted a position with her administration as Press Information Officer for the City of Atlanta.

    - During my time at City Hall, I have remained politically engaged developing communications and strategic engagement plans for Democrats across the southeast in the historic 2018 election cycle including Rep. Park Cannon, Rep. Sam Park, and the Dream Defenders.

    Representing the interests and communities of Atlanta well has meant the world to me, and the responsibility of public service has been simultaneously the most rewarding and challenging experience of my life. After six years working in politics at this pivotal point in U.S. History, I have found sincere inspiration in the rich legacy of American progress towards a more just and equitable society to meet the challenges facing our nation with the same joy and tenacity. Serving my country as a White House Press Secretary is my greatest ambition, but without completing my undergraduate degree, that idea will amount to little more than a dream.

    The funny part is that at this point in my career, everyone assumes initially that I hold an undergraduate degree already, but the truth is, I have discovered that I merely have exceptional instincts for politics and PR. I can only imagine how much I could grow in and contribute to an environment like Yale.

    Any advice is appreciated and best of luck, everyone!
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  • coffeehigh1995coffeehigh1995 7 replies1 threads New Member
    Okay, so I'll admit I'm applying. I'll give my stats because I know I'm gonna be rejected.

    Not really any need to chance me, haha.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Hooks: First Generation?
    High School: Private, Graduated in 2014
    Rank: 9/67
    GPA: 4.0125
    SAT -old (not submitting): 1770

    Freshman Year: All A's, took all Honors.
    Sophomore Year: All A's, took all Honors.
    Junior Year: Mostly A's, Took Honors and 2 AP
    Senior Year: Mix of A's and B's, all Honors classes

    Awards/Organizations: National Honor Society, World Language Honor Society (Portuguese), Society for Women Engineers Math & Science Award.

    100+ hours of community service. No sports. Did theatre, art, and chorus sometimes.

    10 college credits with a lousy (3.0) GPA

    Work experience in the last 6 years: Continued being a volunteer TA at an elementary school (my original CS job from high school), spent a summer as a file clerk, spent a summer as a Walmart greeter, released a single, pubbed 9 short books from senior year to a couple of years ago. Became a professional (paid) stage actor in 2018.

    Currently set to study at Harvard Extension School for the Spring semester.

    I have Asperger's syndrome.
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  • IndirectProofsIndirectProofs 588 replies10 threads Member
    @hoothoot5 Thanks for your reply. Thanks everyone for replying to this thread. Yes, I was on previous threads, I applied to the program a few years back and was one of the people who didn't get an interview. I know I will definitely apply to this program again. Each year I have been improving my application and I'm still not sure if I will apply this time or at a later date. Nevertheless, I like reading your responses and I love the discussion either way.

    I did end up getting my SAT back. I took it for the first time and got a 1430. I might take it again.

    Have a great holiday everyone!
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