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Chance for for Yale REA?

FUNdamentalyconfusedFUNdamentalyconfused 8 replies10 threads Junior Member
Multiracial- Caucasian, Asian
Residence: Midwest
School: Top Public school in the state
Middle Class
Parents: Father- recently retired soldier, now works at a business
Speak 4 languages- fluent English, Korean, Spanish, intermediate Chinese
Moved around my entire life- internationally
No connection to Yale at all, not a recruited athlete, no major 'advantages' for admission

Top 10% of class (no ranks)
Sat: 1560 superscored, 1530 in one sitting
ACT: 34
SAT 2: 730 Lit, 720 World History
AP Scholar with Distinction

ECs: (10 listed on CA)- do I list awards I received here?

1) Internship
11, 12
40 hr/wk, 12 wk/yr
GlobalTies: summer intern, Youth Diplomats Founder
Proposed, founded Youth Diplomats Program; craft proposals for Dept of State; network with international leaders; participate in DoS exchange program

2) Internship
11, 12
6 hr/wk, 48 wk/yr
Johnson County Dem. Party: Ast. Regional Manager
Assisted in running local campaigns: organized canvases, trained people, entered & analyzed data, organized fundraisers, canvassed neighborhoods

3) Internship
3 hr/wk, 40 wk/yr
Congresswoman: High School intern
Organized events to increase voting rates of younger populations: voting registration drive; increased political awareness in local area

4) Music: Instrumental
9, 10, 11, 12
15 hr/wk, 48 wk/yr
Sym Ensem, YS, Korea Youth, Seoul Sym, Flute Choir
Principle flutist: above, Far East Honor; State Honor; soloist awards; teach flute; organize program (9)- music classes at impoverished Korean pre-k

5) Music: Instrumental
9, 10, 11, 12
10 hr/wk, 48 wk/yr
Sym Orc, Youth Symphony (YS), Metro Conservatory
Orchestra Board President; School, Conservatory: principle cellist; organize section rehearsals; Far East Honor Orchestra, National Korean Honor Sym

6) Academic
9, 11, 12
5 hr/wk, 36 wk/yr
Model UN: Founder and Secretary-General
Participated freshman year- awards for top papers, debate; founded in new school: chosen as Secretary-General; organized numerous conferences

7) Athletics: Club
9, 10, 11, 12
10 hr/wk, 48 wk/yr
Other Sport, Taekwondo, Hapkido: 5th black belt; asst. master
Captain-internat. champions: Korean Internat. Youth Demonstration Team; organize charity conference-fundraise: poor elderly; kicking nat. 1st place

8) Community Service (Volunteer)
10, 11, 12
4 hr/wk, 48 wk/yr
Johnson County Court: Youth Court, Project SKIP
YC: question defendants about cases, act as attorney/ judge for juvenile cases; PS: part of panel helping students with truancy violations

9) Academic
11, 12
4 hr/wk, 36 wk/yr
Academic World Quest: Founder and Captain
Founded international relations academic team; as captain organized practices and doled responsibilities; won second-runner up statewide

10) Academic
10, 11, 12
2 hr/wk, 36 wk/yr
National English Honor Society: VP, Treasurer
organize book drive for non-profit, organized funds and monetary responsibilities, lead and manage responsibilities of running club: events, induction

Other ECs, unlisted: (All current except for STUCO one) Should I swap any out?
Pottery and Sculpting
Student Council: freshman class vice president
International Relations Council Volunteer
National WW1 Museum & Memorial: Volunteer, Tour Guide
Korean Language School Teacher Assistant
Tri- Music Honor Society- Board Member
Asian Multicultural Club- Treasurer
National Honor Society- Court Services Project Leader
Categories (trivia team)
Academic Decathlon- regional champions
Junior State of America
Rho Kappa
LEO Club
Flute Teacher
Math Tutor

Honors (5): (Not sure if service award belongs here)
Presidential Lifetime Service Award
Ap Scholar with Distinction
ACT Scholar
AP History Scholar of the Year
Principal's Honor Roll

Rec Letters:
I think they're very solid

I'm sending in a flute music supplemental
Sending in 1 supplemental rec letter from intern coordinator

What do you think I could do to make my application better?
Recommendations for what my essays' could focus on and emphasize from what you're seeing here that might be interesting?
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Replies to: Chance for for Yale REA?

  • FUNdamentalyconfusedFUNdamentalyconfused 8 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for any responses everyone :) I know no one can say for sure and Yale rejects good applications every year, but I would appreciate some feedback!
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  • tdy123tdy123 857 replies16 threads Member
    edited October 19
    the time you list for your ECs totals somewhere well north of 40 hours a week + your "Other ECs" + school + commuting + meals + sleep would seem to = over the (24*7) 168 hours available in a week

    Yale isn't looking for sleepless robots checking every possible box. They want real people who are passionate about a few things that they find important.

    Trim your list down to what is really important to you.
    edited October 19
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  • IxnayBobIxnayBob 4428 replies42 threads Senior Member
    Are the time stamps correct? Did you last one minute before wondering why nobody had responded????

    You appear to know that there’s nothing exceptional in your application, other than perhaps your time management. You are a good applicant. Your essays and recommendations, and to some extent interviews, none of which we are privy to, will help AO decide on your application. What can we possibly say?
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  • FUNdamentalyconfusedFUNdamentalyconfused 8 replies10 threads Junior Member
    No, I just forgot to add in that part in my question and quickly typed it in after I submitted, thanks for the concern.
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  • Nasir7Nasir7 18 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Schools generally like people who excel in specific areas. Try to highlight your achievements in one area and center your application around it. You are qualified, but you can't tell, good students get rejected all the time.
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  • LucylovertooLucylovertoo 8 replies3 threads New Member
    I’m sure your looking at this everyday for a magical answer. As a yale parent, I can tell you that you have good stats. But so does everybody who attends Yale and so do most people who are not admitted. Make sure that you follow links in their emails to their website and actually read..do not just click around. You will learn a lot. Wishing you the best
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 29644 replies58 threads Senior Member
    Your chances are as good as anyone’s with your stats and resumes. Which are slim, very slim. You are a great candidate for any school, including Yale, but it comes down to a lottery ticket as to whether you well be admitted. So many other applicants in your category, and limited space.
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