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Yale Parents thread


Replies to: Yale Parents thread

  • BookladyBooklady Registered User Posts: 3,122 Senior Member
    Oops, you're right about the microwaves. I remember D telling me about putting hers away in her closet one year. But yes, everyone has them anyway.
  • riverrunnerriverrunner Registered User Posts: 2,715 Senior Member
    my daughter has a fabulously decorative "microwave cozy"- formerly an india print tablecloth.
  • BlueHouseMomBlueHouseMom Registered User Posts: 90 Junior Member
    I am working on purchasing a computer as a graduation gift and found this thread really helpful. Wanted to add that I just discovered that if you have 529 money you can use it to purchase a computer (and internet service) according to my plan's website. It did say for 2009 and 2010, so I think this may be something new. I just thought I would give others the heads up if you also have 529 money available.
  • worknprogressworknprogress Registered User Posts: 1,536 Senior Member
    Riverrunner is right about how well they communicate via Facebook & about how specific the instructions are about what can be stored/moved to future room. DD was able to move things to new suite last week and she and her suitemate were allowed 4 framed pictures (among other things). Not 3, not 5, but 4. Just made her laugh.

    If anyone has a child who is assigned to TD or Silliman, the move between freshman year and sophomore year is much easier.
  • worknprogressworknprogress Registered User Posts: 1,536 Senior Member
    Stringkey mom - may I make a suggestion?

    I also work much, much better on a desktop. I think I have ARADD - Age Related Attention Deficit Disorder (just made it up, but it should be in the DSM) and I am much more productive seated at a desk. When it was time to replace my old desktop computer my DH pleaded with me to get a macbook and a lovely wide screen for my desk and retain my old keyboard. I hate to admit it, because I really resisted, but he was so right. It is the most wonderful setup. I love it and it solves all of my problems. I also love the big screen for editing, I can have two pages side by side, do cutting and pasting, etc.

    The big screen is also great for non-work related uses, such as watching LOST.

    Now I can take my laptop with me on some of my consultations, but do my report writing at home at my desk.

    Did I mention that I love the set-up? :)
  • AdmissionsAddictAdmissionsAddict Registered User Posts: 1,405 Senior Member
    Back in my day you every college had a vacuum or two at the master's office to loan out to students. A dustbuster is great, however.

    I haven't read the posts closely about buying furniture, but be sure to be sensitive. Not every has the same amount of money (or any) to contribute to furnishing the suite. You've got to tread very lightly because you just don't know. My parents just flat out bought some unnecessary niceties for the room to avoid the issue of asking my roommates and parents to chip in.
  • worknprogressworknprogress Registered User Posts: 1,536 Senior Member
    AA - that is such a good point. It really is amazing how well most kids work this out. We were probably in the middle of discretionary funds and my daughter was really sensitive about wanting to chip in her fair share and not embarrassing anyone who might not have the money for a group trip to Ikea or target.

    In the real world, you will never be in a situation where you are meeting people for the first time and sharing the expenses of furnishing a room. Good reminder!
  • riverrunnerriverrunner Registered User Posts: 2,715 Senior Member
    AA, and work, I tried to say that in an earlier post and didn't do a great job. It is true that some kids will come to Yale with just the clothes on their backs, and can't possibly spare anything extra for furniture. For those who CAN buy a chair or couch, and then store it reasonably each summer, it probably makes sense to go ahead and buy it at the start of freshman year, and get four years of used out of it. Splitting the cost of these items, and then deciding how to do a buy-out at the end of the year didn't seem smart, and I'm glad we didn't try to go that route.

    Most of the kids in the suite next year come with a contribution of some kind, from their freshman digs: a microwave, a comfy chair, a couch. It does have a way of working out, but if the facebook conversation starts up this summer among the incoming freshman, and some of your kid's suitemates are seemingly "not excited" about planning the furnishings, the underlying message may be that they just can't go there.
  • wisedadwisedad Registered User Posts: 78 Junior Member
    I tried a search in this thread for the words "rug" and "carpet" but came up empty. What have kids been doing about their bare floors?

    When we arrived at our Ivy grad dorms, my husband and I each found ourselves buying a rug or carpet remnant for our rooms. We've got a nice "guy style" rug in our son's room now that is actually too large for his smallish room and were thinking of carting that to New Haven. It's hard to know if the rug will fit without more details about the actual rooms he'll get, but I'm wondering if it's worth it and would love some feedback.
  • riverrunnerriverrunner Registered User Posts: 2,715 Senior Member
    wisedad, here is a data point:
    The common room in Lanmann-Wright (Pierson College's Old Campus space) was 12 x 16. The floors are wood in every residence I've seen at Yale, so a rug is very nice to have.
  • DandemomDandemom Registered User Posts: 141 Junior Member
    Wisedad, my daughter has LOVED her rug - one end is tucked under her bed and the other under her desk. This way, she is comfortable when she gets out of bed and when she is working at her desk. The girls in her suite all chipped in for a rug in the common room and they chose a WHITE rug. Yes, that's right a white rug in a dorm room!!! Needless to say it was filthy by the end of the year and none of the girls want it for next year!!
  • worknprogressworknprogress Registered User Posts: 1,536 Senior Member

    And these kids are supposed to be smart :)
  • stringkeymomstringkeymom Registered User Posts: 457 Member
    Wow, the information here is SO helpful! I have been saving random furniture for years for DS' college/grad school life and have a futon, coffee table, book shelves, etc. ready to go. How great to know the futon could be moved into the suite in the May of the previous term!

    worknprogress--thanks for going into detail about the computer options. (personally, I am convinced kids are taking the ADD "study" drugs so they can keep themselves working on their laptops--the macbook gives me a headache) Do you mean you have the macbook connected to an exterior keyboard and a larger screen? Interesting option, that. DS tends to do academic work on our desktop (when lots of reading and writing is involved) but prefers to do his music theory and composition work on the laptop. He transports files with a data stick between the two. I thought I would just provide the same setup for him in college so that he continues to be productive. (at the moment, we don't have a word processing program on the laptop)

    more questions: about the stereo systems. what is the usual configuration? ipods? common stereo in the common room?
  • worknprogressworknprogress Registered User Posts: 1,536 Senior Member
    SKM, I have a 13" Macbook, a 24" LED cinema display, and a separate keyboard and mouse that are plugged into the screen. When the macbook is plugged into the screen it is charging. I have Word loaded on the Macbook.

    I am sure there are ways to do this with a PC that might be cheaper, but the set-up is really beautiful, easy, and I am a Mac only gal.

    I like my Macbook because it is easy to take with me to meetings or when I travel. It is lightweight and easy to pack. On the other hand, I wouldn't like typing long reports or making power point presentations on it - I could do it, but I would rather my regular keyboard and mouse. So, when it is time to do some serious research and writing, I connect the macbook to the screen and I'm ready to go.

    BTW - hope this means STM's kid is heading to New Haven :)
  • stringkeymomstringkeymom Registered User Posts: 457 Member
    worknprogress--thx for the description; sounds very smart. how is the word program on the mac? i've heard it's not quite as good as word on the p/c.

    i'm still trying to get my mind around the kids cleaning their own bathroom.
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