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Ramen noodle?

EuropeanGurlEuropeanGurl Posts: 28Registered User New Member
edited January 2011 in College Life
how many of you college people out there live for this yummy,dirt cheap treat?
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Replies to: Ramen noodle?

  • DMOCDMOC Posts: 1,442Registered User Senior Member
    I never eat them.
  • hi_im_leilahi_im_leila Posts: 2,024Registered User Senior Member
    I literally lived off of them at the beginning of school. There's an Asian market across the street from campus and I was always there stocking up on ramen. I still love them, but I'm trying to adjust my diet so that it's a little bit healthier and not so sodium-packed. Those noodles can contain over 1/2 of your recommended sodium for the day D:
  • EuropeanGurlEuropeanGurl Posts: 28Registered User New Member
    so true about the sodium part!^ I heard that college people have many other uses for Ramen besides eating it! :O
  • DnationDnation Posts: 327Registered User Member
    I don't live for this treat, I live on it.

    Huge difference.

    And yeah, the mass amounts of sodium is pretty much a given for cheap ramen.
  • leolibbyleolibby Posts: 702- Member
    the spice packet also contains MSG. If I eat one I usually just don't use the spice packet.
  • manariusmanarius Posts: 833Registered User Member
    One guy at the local university ate nothing but ramen and bread for about a year. He went to the doctor because his gums started turning black. Turns out he had scurvy. Scurvy! The doctor was literally in disbelief.
  • Emaheevul07Emaheevul07 Posts: 5,966Registered User Senior Member
    I hate ramen. I tried it once and refuse to eat it ever again.
  • you_of_ehyou_of_eh Posts: 753Registered User Member
    I'm assuming Mr Noodles is ramen noodles. I don't really know what ramen noodles are.

    I try not to eat Mr. Noodles but when I do, I make the noodles like normal and then eat it with a fork. So basically all I'm getting is the wet noodles with a bit of the seasoning, just enough to make it taste good. But I never drink the liquid after I've eaten all the noodles, I just pour it out. So then I'm only actually consuming a fraction of the ridiculous amount of sodium right? Does everyone do this?
  • leolibbyleolibby Posts: 702- Member
    Yeah, Vitamin C cannot be produced in the human body. Only humans and some primates lack the genetic codes to internallu produce Vit C (dogs and cats would do just fine on bread and ramen noodles because they have the DNA to produce vit C)
  • ISUClubISUClub Posts: 790Registered User Member
    "One guy at the local university ate nothing but ramen and bread for about a year. He went to the doctor because his gums started turning black. Turns out he had scurvy. Scurvy! The doctor was literally in disbelief. "

    dang. But what if you eat nothing but ramen, bread, and a ton of dietary supplements? Would that patch things up?
  • leolibbyleolibby Posts: 702- Member
    I think the only vitamin supplement proven to be effective is Vit D. The body needs foods that have vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Vegetables and fruits of a variety of colors. tr ramen noodles taste good, but have too much salt and MSG
  • leolibbyleolibby Posts: 702- Member
    also, if It's white bread, you're gonna get a vitamin B deficiency that will appear and kill you much sooner than scurvy. That's if it's not "enriched."
  • SeanannersSeananners Posts: 13Registered User New Member
    Technically, supplements could work (not as well as actual food though) but since we are talking about eating cheap food, we cant really fork a bunch of money for supplements :P
  • RixsRixs Posts: 1,003Registered User Member
    I eat it maybe once a week. It's only a snack for me.
  • AtlanticJumperAtlanticJumper Posts: 164Registered User Junior Member
    I've only ate ramen once while at college...yeah, I'm totally missing out on the "experience".
    I ate it more at home though...didn't add the flavor packet and instead added my own stuff. Egg, some soy sauce...whatever I could find to make it a somewhat meal.
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