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FBI: Russians Tried to Recruit Spies at University in N.Y.

An announcement from the FBI said that the Russians attempted "to recruit United States residents, including several young women with ties to a major university located in New York, New York (“University-1”), as intelligence sources."

Yale Library Visit, Then Held at Gunpoint

"Saturday evening, I got a call that no parent wants to get. It was my son calling from college—he’s a third-year student at Yale. He had been accosted by a campus police officer, at gunpoint!"

Started in Parents Forum by soonmtnest

America’s New Aristocracy & An Hereditary Meritocracy

The Economist has an editorial and an article about how educational achievement has become more strongly tied to parental wealth than before.

Started in Parents Forum by ucbalumnus

Duke Leads Top 10 National Research Universities in Merit Based Scholarships

"As another year of regular decision admissions approaches, Duke will look for something most of its peer schools do not—which candidates should be considered for full-ride merit scholarships."

Started in Duke University by TopTier

What Are Your Views on Cheating?

Unfortunately, we notice too often that there are people with 4.0 GPA that cheat their way through their classes and tests. This is unfair to those that work extremely hard for their grades. What's your view on this matter?

Tax Benefits of College-Savings Plans Would Be Cut by Obama

"President Barack Obama is proposing a major change to 529 college-savings plans—removing a tax benefit that has attracted parents to these investment vehicles for years."

Started in Parents Forum by powerdad

Highest Salary College Rankings by School

Before taking the plunge and enrolling into a 4-year program, do some research and check out the top colleges with the highest paying graduates.

Started in Parents Forum by bambi0611

Divorced Parents on Move-In Day, What to Do?

Each of my separated parents would like to help move me in, but I'm concerned about them being there simultaneously. What is move-in day like? Can any divorced parents share their experience?