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"Where Else Are You Applying?" ... Can You Answer Without Anxiety?

... I’m not a big fan of applications that expect prospective students to disclose their college lists. But how do CC members feel? If you think this question is okay, why? And if you don't want to have to deal with it, why not?

Checklist for Parents of Incoming Freshmen

What should go on the parents' to-do list after the kid has finally committed to a college? What are some things that can be taken care of now, or in the summer before classes start?

Started in Parents Forum by scholarme

How to Tell Your Kid You Can't Afford His/Her Dream University?

Parents, how do we tell our kids that we cannot afford their dream universities? Will they hate us or get depressed? Please share with us your personal experiences.

Started in Parents Forum by guiltymom

Why Do So Many Try for Harvard?

Harvard may have the finest professors and best peer group, but why would brilliant individuals decide to go to a top school and become middle of the pack?

Is Your Kid a Winner or Loser in the Coming New World Order of Jobs?

"In the past two years, we haven't made an engineering hire that didn't have multiple other offers. Not one. The supply-and-demand equation is totally imbalanced." In this coming reality, is your kid a winner or a loser?

Started in Parents Forum by wave100

What Did Your Child Write About in His/Her College Essay?

There were a few college reps at a high school event recently and they told us about some college essays which stood out to them. Some of the ones they mentioned were surprising to me. What did your child write about in his/her essay?

What Does "Middle Class" Actually Mean?

One of the debates that has played out frequently over the years here at CC is what's middle class, particularly in terms of financial aid.

560 Colleges on U.S. Financial Watch List

A list of more than 500 colleges that have been flagged by the U.S. Department of Education for various financial issues has been released.

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