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Where Are the Top 10 Students Going to for College?

Out of curiosity, where are the top students from your (or your child's) high school going to for college?

Started in Parents Forum by CU123

4 Standout College Application Essays on Work, Money and Class

From the large pile that was received this spring, the New York Times selected four essays—about parents, small business, landscapes, and the meaning a single object can convey—that stood out. Check them out!

Did You Expect Your Out-of-State Kid to Come Home after Graduation?

If you let your kid go to school OOS, did you expect them to return to the state after graduation? Why or why not? If they did come home, was it a desire (or necessity) on their part or an obligation from your end?

Started in Parents Forum by LBad96

Take Aways From This Year's Admissions

To our many experienced and knowledgable folks, are there any interesting patterns to be seen in this year's round of admissions? One big story seemed to be the waitlisting of kids at higher than expected rates. Is that a real change?

Started in Parents Forum by CValle

What It Really Takes to Get into the Ivy League These Days

The eight Ivy League schools had a total of 281,060 applicants for the class of 2021 and less than 10% got admissions offers. Clearly, getting into any Ivy League school is an impressive achievement. So, how do people do it? Find out!

4 Questions to Answer Before Parents Ship Their Kids Off to College

April is the month that millions of high school seniors receive their college acceptance (or rejection) letters. Check out a simple no-fee application for the colleges to fill out.

Prep School Disciplinary Policy Regarding Alerting Colleges

This is really a vent, a cautionary tale for parents of not-perfect kids concerned about college admissions. In case you are not sure, if you have a kid, that kid is not perfect.

Here’s The Amount of Money Colleges Make from Rejected Applications

"... An example is Harvard University which earns $3 million in gross profits from rejected applications every year, and that is according to UCEazy.…

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