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Schools Urged to Go Back to ‘Chalk and Talk’ Teaching

"Minister tells schools to copy China—and ditch trendy teaching for 'chalk and talk.' Teachers speaking in front of a class 'much more effective than independent learning.'" Do you agree to this?

Started in Parent Cafe by sorghum

Promiscuous College Come-Ons

"Over the last decade, many elite colleges have adjusted their applications in ways that remove disincentives and maximize the odds that the number of students jockeying to get in remains robust." How is this impacting students?

Started in Parents Forum by oldmom4896

Elite Colleges: Please Stop Recruiting Students Like Me if You Know We Won’t Get In

"Each year, colleges reach out to thousands of students with fancy brochures and solicitous e-mails, inviting them to apply. They contact many more students than they’ll accept." How do you feel about this practice?

How Much Would You Pay to Get Your Kid into Ivy League?

According to, 160,000 college applicants admit to hiring an IEC to help them in their college search. What do you think about this growing trend, especially among high achievers?

Started in Parents Forum by brghtlght

When a Teacher Makes a Difference, Harvard Admissions Notices

“Quite literally, you are making the kind of difference most of us can only dream about,” said the Dean of Admissions at Harvard regarding the work of professor Robert Sandler.

Started in Harvard University by gibby

How Many College Applications Are Enough?

"Six college applications once seemed like a lot. Submitting eight was a mark of great ambition. For a growing number of increasingly anxious high school seniors, figures like that now sound like just a starting point."

Started in Parents Forum by NoVADad99

Why Google Doesn't Care About Hiring Top School Graduates

In a conversation with The New York Times’ Tom Friedman, Google’s head of people operations, Laszlo Bock, detailed what the company looks for. And increasingly, it’s not about credentials.

Started in Parents Forum by poetgrl

Goodbye, Snow Days: Students Study from Home

"The early arrival of wintry weather in the Midwest this week gave [Principal] Grewing an opening to test out a virtual class day at St. Cloud Cathedral high school in central Minnesota, having students whip out laptops or iPads and work from home." ...

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry