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NYT Article on New SAT: Lots of Reading

"The shift is leading some educators and college admissions officers to fear that the revised test will penalize students who have not been exposed to a lot of reading..."

Started in SAT Preparation by Plotinus

University Makes Fitness Trackers Mandatory

Oral Roberts U is making wearing a fitness tracker mandatory for first-year students.

Started in Parents Forum by kandcsmom

Getting Accepted Does NOT Mean That a Merit Scholarship Is Coming

In fall, many students assume that "grants and merit scholarships" will make an expensive college affordable ...

Is Your ED Acceptance Good News or Bad?

Are you elated with your Early Decision acceptance or are doubts already creeping in? And, if so, WHY?

Will the Real Hogwarts (US Version) Please Stand Up?

At which US college campuses or individual buildings would Harry Potter feel most at home?

Started in Parents Forum by labegg

Turning the Tide - A College Admissions Revolution?

A new report from Harvard says colleges are "realizing that many kids admitted into top schools are emotional wrecks or slavishadherents to soulless scripts..."

Started in Parents Forum by menloparkmom

College Student May Face Expulsion for Listing Dorm Room on Airbnb

"A Boston college student could be expelled for trying to rent his dorm room on Airbnb. A petition on says Jack Worth was trying to offset the expense of attending Emerson College." Check out this amazing story!

Started in College Life by Dave_Berry

The Best Law Schools Are Attracting Fewer Students

Since 2011, the number of applicants to law schools ranked in the top 20 by U.S. News has dropped by a median 18 percent.

Started in Law School by Dave_Berry
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