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Higher Education Urged to Play More of a Role in Common Core

“Colleges should look at what the Common Core is doing to ensure that students coming through their doors are college- and career-ready, not as an ephemeral goal but rather one more step on the way to higher education.”

Do You Pass on College Because of the Debt?

Many CC members advise against picking a college that will "saddle" you with debt. But what do you do if you need to get loans to afford it? Do you choose not to go to college?

Started in Parents Forum by fflmaster

10 Tips to Remember Before You Leave for College

"Summer is the perfect time to tie up any loose ends before you leave for school."

Started in College Life by CCadmin_Lydia

Why Should You Pick an Out-of-State College?

Considering no scholarship, why should one select an out-of-state college instead of an in-state full-ride undergrad?

4 Factors to Consider when Choosing an ACT or SAT Test Date

"A test date in the fall can allow students to capitalize on summer study time, but may not be a good option for those with busy work or family schedules."

Freedom of Religion or Free to Discriminate

"When are religious institutions allowed to ignore federal laws that may conflict with their faith?"

Started in College Life by CCadmin_Lydia

Summer Earnings: Where Does the Student Get that Extra $3000?

Students should be able to contribute at least $3000 of their summer earnings to defray their actual tuition costs. But where does a student get that extra money?

Started in Parents Forum by BLUEPH

"No, the SAT is not Required." More Colleges Join Test-Optional Train

"Students spend hours cramming for the SAT and ACT each year in the hopes of earning an acceptance letter to a competitive college. But is the tide turning away from standardized exams?"