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pre-college physical exam...rectal???

bolt47bolt47 Posts: 1Registered User New Member
edited August 2006 in College Life
I am going to attend a regular private 4-year university. They send all these forms you have to fill out including a health form that includes a physical that your doctor has to complete. When I was looking over the form I noticed on the checklist that the doctor should examine it said "ano-rectal." Does this mean that the doctor is going to stick his finger up my butt???

does anybody else have this or has anyone already gone through their exam?
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Replies to: pre-college physical exam...rectal???

  • Blink182Blink182 Posts: 306Registered User Junior Member
    ...have fun with that.
  • PongoPongo Posts: 1,069Registered User Senior Member
    eh, they might not. there were a lot of things on my checklist that my doctor didn't actually do,
  • ILoveBrownILoveBrown Posts: 1,521Registered User Senior Member
    Yeah, probably not.
  • gemstar66gemstar66 Posts: 766Registered User Member
    idk..that seems weird to do

    but i lol'd too hard at the title of this
  • OpiefromMayberryOpiefromMayberry Posts: 1,629Registered User Senior Member
    Make sure he buys you dinner first.
  • Cre8tive1Cre8tive1 Posts: 1,342Registered User Senior Member
    No, not fingers... just a balloon, some electric rods, and a batch of paste ;)
    What is ano-rectal testing?
    *Ano-rectal testing involves four different tests.

    --#1---Manometry-recording of pressure from the anus

    --#2---Anal Sphincter EMG-electrical recording of muscle activity around the anus

    --#3---Pudendal Nerve Stimulation-electrical recording of the pudendal nerve

    --#4---Defecography-X-ray picture of rectum and anus muscles while having a bowel movement

    These tests are administered to aid in severe constipation, incontinence, rectal pouch problems, rectal surgery and other diseases or infections.

    What should I do before my ano-rectal testing?
    An empty rectum is the first step to a successful ano-rectal test. It is advised not to eat or drink caffeine before the test. An enema may be taken an hour or so before the exam.

    Ano-rectal manometry
    During this test, a deflated balloon is inserted into the rectum. After the balloon is inflated the patient then simulates having bowel movements. The balloon transmits the pressures to a computer that records the results. This test will take approximately one hour. Normal activities and meals can be resumed immediately following.

    Anal sphincter EMG
    A sponge-like electrode attached to your physician's finger will be inserted into the anus and you will be instructed to tighten and relax the anus muscles. The physician will then be able to see if normal electrical signals are being sent to anal muscles.

    Pudendal nerve stimulation
    Similar to the anal sphincter EMG, your physician will simulate the pudendal nerve by a weak electrical current sent through an electrode. You will feel nothing besides a slight buzz.

    The rectum and anus will be filled with a barium paste in this test and you will be instructed to sit on a specially designed toilet-like seat. A x-ray will be taken of the paste moving through the anal canal.
  • megaman123megaman123 Posts: 2,189Registered User Senior Member
    LOLL....g'luck with that
  • ariesathenaariesathena Posts: 5,087Registered User Senior Member
    I'm with Opie. :D
  • DrumNDukieDrumNDukie Posts: 313Registered User Member
    ahhhhhh hahahaha
  • MallomarCookieMallomarCookie Posts: 3,181Registered User Senior Member
    LOL thank you for the laughs!!!!!!
  • crashingwavescrashingwaves Posts: 1,120Registered User Senior Member
    uh oh time to transfer...
  • evanescentfallevanescentfall Posts: 68Registered User Junior Member
    ahaha wow.
    my physical form only required vaccination records and a record of a 'recent' physical, like within the last year or something i think.
  • BigredmedBigredmed Posts: 3,726Registered User Senior Member
    Okay, as a current med student I can promise you that a full history and physical should include a digital (as in a finger) rectal exam and not all that BS in post #7 (which is used when there are actual, very serious problems with defecation, unwanted voiding, etc. exist). However, no one really wants one done, and doctors really don't want to do them either (which is why 3rd year medical students do so many while on their clerkships). So most people ignore them.

    It's very unlikely that your doctor will give you a rectal exam, and if s/he does it will only be a finger. Unless you tell him you've had changes in your bowel habits (diarhea,constipation,frequency), blood in your stool, or dark, tarry stools, I'd be shocked if they actually went through and did it.
  • valecollegorianvalecollegorian Posts: 396Registered User Member
    so why do they do it with trauma patients?
  • ariesathenaariesathena Posts: 5,087Registered User Senior Member
    I've been a trauma patient and did not have a rectal exam. They did ultrasounds, x-rays, and CATs to make sure that I was okay. Maybe blood tests to ensure that my organs weren't shutting down.
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