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I want to have fun, but...i need help

bjt223bjt223 Posts: 402Registered User Member
edited February 2009 in College Life
I can't seem to open myself to be wild. I had been through parties, but everywhere I look everyone is either having fun or drinking. I want to join in the action, but can't get myself involve to wild activities because I'm either too shy or scare to do anything. When a girl was ( I think) staring me or try to dance with me, i choked and didn't move that much :( lol. So CCC, how can I get myself to have fun and let myself go?

PS: I'm not really a party animal, but once a while I want to be like myself and "unleash the beast" in me.
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Replies to: I want to have fun, but...i need help

  • rusoboy23rusoboy23 Posts: 447Registered User Member
    Alcohol (10 char)
  • chris2k5chris2k5 Posts: 896Registered User Member
    :( No one is going to really care about what you do. Loosen up.
  • liberateliberate Posts: 390Registered User Member
    I'll second Alcohol as the solution.
  • S33DS33D Posts: 858Registered User Member
    I'll third it. Go for it! Don't binge though.
  • kindaslick89kindaslick89 Posts: 498Registered User Member
    Just do it, if it doesn't work out, atleast you won't regret not trying.
  • ansaransar Posts: 2,071Registered User Senior Member
    As drunk Brian in Family Guy said, "Lighten up, toots. It's a party!"

    So, basically, don't worry. If they're drunk, they won't remember your silly antics. :)
  • mcb52mcb52 Posts: 1,485Registered User Member
    you can actually get into parties and have girls actually want to dance at you?!
    *jealous* so what's the problem? my advice: chances are you'll never see her again, so don't worry about making a fool of yourself too much. unless it ends up online. then you're ****ed
  • lollybolollybo Posts: 776Registered User Member
    If you're really not having fun, you just might not be a party person. Oh, try going with your friends, that helps loosening things up.
  • maxellismaxellis Posts: 1,172Registered User Senior Member
    Get naked at a party. It's kinda a sink or swim method of having fun (it always works for me).
  • mcb52mcb52 Posts: 1,485Registered User Member
    ^ pics or it didn't happen
  • leah377leah377 Posts: 3,834Registered User Senior Member
    tequila tends to make clothes fall off..
  • bjt223bjt223 Posts: 402Registered User Member
    haha, i love everyone answer! I haven't drink yet, except being buzz. I think I should go for it and maybe I might end up in bed with someone I don't know. :Sigh: college experience, life to won't forget lol.
  • mcb52mcb52 Posts: 1,485Registered User Member
    ^ whoa be careful there, beer goggles can make it hard to determine gender..
  • maxellismaxellis Posts: 1,172Registered User Senior Member
    Whatever you do, don't call your ex girlfriend who you haven't talked to in the past 2 months at 3am and tell her that you can't stop thinking about her and you think her cheating on you with her current boyfriend wasn't that big of a deal (even though it totally was) and she should leave him to come back to you and you have gotten a lot better at satisfying women since then and will try to have more meaningful conversations with her in the future. In fact, it's probably just a good idea not to call anybody while you're at a party.
  • Mr. BojanglesMr. Bojangles Posts: 824Registered User Member
    shot glasses and mirrors
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