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How does Work study work???

sapphire_oceansapphire_ocean Posts: 942Registered User Member
edited May 2010 in College Life
does it go straight towards tuition, or books, or 'personal expenses'?
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Replies to: How does Work study work???

  • chuychuy Posts: 3,916Registered User Senior Member
    I'm pretty sure they just cut you a check like any other job, though it may depend on the school.
  • b@r!umb@r!um Posts: 9,866Registered User Senior Member
    chuy is right - you just get a check as with any other job. What you use the money for is your decision.

    The only difference between a work-study and a regular job is that the federal government reimburses your employer for half of your wage, which makes you a pretty attractive employee. Many on-campus employers will give preference to students who are eligible for work-study. Work-study income is also not counted as income on the following year's financial aid application, while other income is.
  • Psycho'78Psycho'78 Posts: 273Registered User Junior Member
    Work study is like regular work, except for the work hours. Your employer limits your hours per semester. You are allotted a certain number of hours and pay per semester. Many work on-campus, but I've heard of some people you do work study off-campus, but still under the same guidelines.

    Payment is through check/direct deposit. That can go to anything, but the idea is that you would use it for school expenses since it is financial aid. Nobody's stopping you of doing otherwise, though.
  • sapphire_oceansapphire_ocean Posts: 942Registered User Member
    thank you everybody how soon can i apply if im a senior in hs admitted as a fall freshman?
  • sirius_catsirius_cat Posts: 825Registered User Member
    can we get a another job in addition to that. mine only allows me to make $900/ semester and I know that I'll need more. that extra money wont have to be paid back in next year's tuition will it?
  • MizlissaMizlissa Posts: 110Registered User Junior Member
    U apply to work-study by filling out FAFSA and accepting the work-study
  • sapphire_oceansapphire_ocean Posts: 942Registered User Member
    ^ thanks but i meant for ucla, the job itself,.. should im wait until after orientation or start emailing employers now for interviews? i already know i qualify for 2200 workstudy...
  • nastynate0315nastynate0315 Posts: 1,277Registered User Senior Member
    My work study on my fin. aid award from NYU allots for $4,000 so what happens in the event that you reach your max? I know it sounds far fetched but do you just stop working for the remainder of the semester?
  • LasMaLasMa Posts: 10,231Registered User Senior Member
    sapphire, you should contact the Financial Aid office. Different schools do it differently. In my daughter's case, she has a work/study orientation the first week of school, and finds a job after that; available work/study jobs are kept in a notebook on campus. So my guess is that it's a little early to be applying. Do you even know where to apply? Not every employer on/near a college campus is a work/study employer. You need to work through the FA office, not go off on your own. Give them a call, they'll let you know what to do and when.

    And don't worry; if you've qualified for work/study, you will get a job.
  • peter_parkerpeter_parker Posts: 923- Member
    I don't think people understand how easy this is.

    Work/ study simply works in your benefit b/c the federal government is footing some of the cost of your employment (wages).

    If you have work study, you don't HAVE to apply or work to a work study job; it's only easier to get hired at one. If you find a job elsewhere, it's the exact same in terms of the benefits to you (wages).

    Just apply to a bunch of on-campus jobs - many will say if they prefer work-study, or at least it will be a question on the application.
  • UnleashedFuryUnleashedFury Posts: 1,784Registered User Member
    Does it get taxed?
  • serenaxcheelamserenaxcheelam Posts: 347Registered User Member
    Can you appeal to get work study if they don't offer it to you? I had it this past year and I did use it well, but they didn't offer it again for me next year (so I'm losing that job I was offered for the fall because it's a work study position.)
  • akhman24akhman24 Posts: 586Registered User Member
    At least where I am, the work study goes on like a scholarship, and then you get paid your wage on top of that. (Double wage basically, getting one paycheck to you like a normal job, and then another paycheck to the school).

    There are Work-Study jobs, and then some employers that participate in Work-Study but are not based upon it. In the Work-Study jobs, you only can work for what they have money allotted for. In the employers that participate (usually has to be on campus stuff too, but stuff like the Dining Hall, that may operate through a contractor), where work-study foots part of it, but you can do more than the work-study allows (the extra is just wage, nothign going towards financial aid), as the jobs don't just exist from work-study money, and would be there even without the work-study program.

    Hopefully I can get some work-study. Not sure exactly how they choose it, because I know some super rich kids who are in on it. I think there secret is that they lie on their financial aid forms. Maybe I need to do that to compete for good financial aid in the future.
  • ChiZealanderChiZealander Posts: 24Registered User New Member
    Do international students get the same benefits?
  • b@r!umb@r!um Posts: 9,866Registered User Senior Member
    Do international students get the same benefits?
    You are not eligible for federal work-study. At my college it wouldn't matter because we do not distinguish between work-study and non-work-study jobs, but elsewhere you might be ineligible for most campus jobs (and for off-campus jobs too, of course, because of visa restrictions).
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