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wvikingwviking Posts: 13Registered User New Member
edited May 2009 in College Life
I visited both NYU POLY and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. NYU POLY's work seems rigorous, so does WPI's. But WPI's work has a little hint of fun to it ( or atleast they seem like it). I want to pursue a degree in Engineering. Both of them are well known for their engineering programs. The social lives for both the schools seems very very poor. For NYU POLY it destroys the whole purpose of being close to the city, if you are working alll the time when you are not in class. For WPI, theres not much to do when you are not working except to stay your room- and it gets really cold up there. WPI is a little active in sports than NYU POLY. Evryone who succeeds in that schools seem like hardcore workaholics. And from what i hear, a lot transfer out after first year. I'm an A student and would have done 8 AP courses by the end of this year.

I have another day to make my choice. And i'm confused!
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Replies to: NYU POLY or WPI ??? HELP!

  • jazrie481jazrie481 Posts: 818- Member
    Trust me, you're better off at WPI. They have a very strong engineering program. My sister went there and now she's headed to Columbia for graduate school.
  • stephennnstephennn Posts: 2,103Registered User Senior Member
    just because NYU has been tagged onto polytechnic doesn't mean that it's a top engineering school. it's still a tier 3 engineering school.
  • PlattsburghLoserPlattsburghLoser Posts: 5,487Registered User Senior Member
    Why not go for Columbia SEAS? To be honest, NYU Poly came off as high-end ITT Tech to me.
    (Not intended to insult anyone who attends there.)
  • wvikingwviking Posts: 13Registered User New Member
    Unfortunately i didnt apply to Columbia SEAS.

    DO you guys think i should try going to NYU POLY (or WPI) for a year and then if i dont like it transfer to some other school?

    How hard is it to transfer? DO you get good enough scholarships when you DO transfer?
  • wvikingwviking Posts: 13Registered User New Member

    NYU is actually very good in academics... because thats all they do.
    I have no question about becoming a good engineer if i go there. The school is for inventors. There are sooo many ppl from that school that invented amazing things while they were in there and after they graduates. Laser light, engineering the panama canal are just a few to name.

    Its all the other factors i'm concerened about i.e. sports, clubs, extracurricular activities, social life, EXTRA HELP etc.
  • stephennnstephennn Posts: 2,103Registered User Senior Member
    wviking, trust me i know NYU is very good in academics.... i will be going there in the fall

    Poly isn't really NYU it's in this awkward merger phase.

    and NYU hasn't had an engineering school in a very very long time, so i'm really not sure about all the engineers you are talking about that have come from there....

    i get the feeling you didn't really do much research since Polytechnic is a very recent and new addition. (and is in fact a tier 3 school) If you didn't know up until last year it stood on it's own as Polytechnic (a tier 3 engineering school) what I am saying is just because the name NYU has been slapped next to Poly doesn't mean that NYU Poly is a good school.
  • wvikingwviking Posts: 13Registered User New Member
    Stephennn, when i said NYU i meant POLY.

    Take a look a the link below... even when they were just polytechnic university they were really successful. Their school was only unpopular because of the faculty apparently. Some say its changed after the new president took over. and will change now that NYU is in the process of taking over the school.

    :: Polytechnic Institute of NYU :: PolyThinking ::
  • stephennnstephennn Posts: 2,103Registered User Senior Member

    none of those cool inventions are from recent grads. to be completely fair, those students were probably the cream of the crop and went on to tier 1 grad schools. - and of course the school's website will talk up their own school.... why not look at other websites like princeton review & USNWR.

    you asked our opinions, i'm telling you that WPI is probably better for engineering. if you really want to go to poly (which you clearly do, because you've been trying to defend it) then you should go to poly.
  • chicago78chicago78 Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    NYU-Poly > WPI
  • nastynate0315nastynate0315 Posts: 1,277Registered User Senior Member
    I like NYC betta than massachusetts
  • static75static75 Posts: 904Registered User Member
    NYU-Poly is the bomb. :)
  • IndianPwnerDudeIndianPwnerDude Posts: 628Registered User Member
    Are you guys serious? WPI is much better than NYU Poly. NYU is a third tier tech school while WPI is a second tier school. More recruiters come in from all over the tri state region and beyond and a WPI graduate has more research opportunities and opportunities for a more diverse set of graduate school and career options rather than an NYU poly applicant.

    There are plenty of smart people at NYU poly (just like most schools), but WPI is an academically stronger institution.
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