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Do your teachers hate overachievers?

Anon_Person_1Anon_Person_1 Posts: 2,453Registered User Senior Member
edited February 2007 in High School Life
Do you ever wonder if your teacher secretly hates you for having good grades? Like, for example, My english teacher (honors 10 if you're wondering) is like crazy and made me stop taking notes (she was discussing themes of a book we just started) and called me a "crazy overachiever" and laughed at me.

Am I just paranoid? Or do any of you guys feel the same?
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Replies to: Do your teachers hate overachievers?

  • PerplexitudinousPerplexitudinous Posts: 673Registered User Member
    It may have been a "nice" joke which didn't come out quite right.

    She may be trying to help you develop your own ideas about the book.
  • ChaosTheoryChaosTheory Posts: 5,199- Senior Member
    Yes, my math teacher hates me. :)
  • DidnotfaillifeDidnotfaillife Posts: 340Registered User Member
    ^Haha, thats weird because I'm pretty sure he hates me too.
  • aarosurfaarosurf Posts: 660Registered User Member
    i know for a fact that one of my teachers hates people who study all the time to do well in her class and are always extremely concerned about their grades
  • ChaosTheoryChaosTheory Posts: 5,199- Senior Member
    At least he talks to you, or expresses some form of communication in your direction at some point in time. :D I'm just too awesome to be called on. :cool:
  • SungchulSungchul Posts: 1,498Registered User Senior Member
    Most teachers like smart students, but I guess if there are teachers who have like.. bad childhood experiences with "smart kids" it could sway their methods. Also, I ahve a few teachers that don't like one student participating all the time.
  • cosette.cosette. Posts: 25Registered User New Member
    My English teacher hates grade grubbers. She hates it when people take out their calculators to calculate their percent grade. Understandably, it gets kind of annoying at times because my school is competitive.
  • volleyball0815volleyball0815 Posts: 128Registered User Junior Member
    That's funny, my Lit. teacher thinks it's hilarious when people break out the calculators to figure up their percents! Then again he laughs at a lot of goofy things we do...
    I don't think any of our teachers hate the overacheivers. They do know which ones they can joke around with (which I'd say is all of them!) so sometimes they'll get on them in a fun manner about how much they study or whatever.
  • kath08kath08 Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    I don't think teachers hate overachievers...they like the kids who do the homework and contribute in class but they hate those that complain about grades 24-7 and act really pretentious...
  • PerplexitudinousPerplexitudinous Posts: 673Registered User Member
    I only calculate percents in the privacy of my own room. In class I kind of just try to pretend that grades are the last thing on my mind (most of the time anyway).

    It works.
  • helpmegetin!helpmegetin! Posts: 1,459Registered User Member
    yeah, i think teachers like students who care more about learning than their grade in the class...
  • AnniushkaAnniushka Posts: 739Registered User Member
    Nobody likes conceited, egoistic grade grubbers. On the other hand, in my experience, teachers can't help but love bright, interested, mature students who contribute to and enliven class discussions.

    So it just depends on what the "overachiever" is trying to over-achieve: grades or learning? :p
  • smurfgirlsmurfgirl Posts: 1,108- Member
    My psych prof had told our class that it saddens him to see a bright student come into his office worrying excessively over a grade. He said that it actually gets in the way of learning. I will never forget the day he told my class that. He sounded sincere and that has kept me grounded. I know what he said is pretty obvious, but the way he said it was pretty solemn.

    Learn to learn the material, then good grades will follow. :)
  • BedHeadBedHead Posts: 2,730Registered User Senior Member
    A lot of teachers hate students who only obsess about how to get a good grade. You can do yourself a big favor, even if you are just worried about the grade, to hide the overly eager "will this be on the test?" kinds of questions. Just repeating what others have said.

    In other cases, teachers sometimes resent pupils their youth and possibilities. But I think this happens less often.
  • ava78ava78 Posts: 78Registered User Junior Member
    I don't think teachers hate students who do well in their class. I find it hard to believe that a teacher would want their students to do a bad job - it reflects poorly on their teaching ability. I do think some students take school/grades way too seriously and need to seriously loosen up and stop being so anal, and I have heard teachers comment about that stuff. But it's not like they want them to do bad.
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