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Easiest BA/MD programs to get into

sickoffloridasickofflorida Posts: 228Registered User Junior Member
edited January 2011 in Multiple Degree Programs
Using whatever knowledge/intuition you have, please rate the following BA/MD programs according to how easy they are to get admission into. Number 1 will be the easiest.

(Rutgers, TCNJ, Montclair/UMDNJ)
Stony Brook
George Washington
Brown PLME
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Replies to: Easiest BA/MD programs to get into

  • stanford_dudestanford_dude Posts: 238Registered User Junior Member
    None of them is easy to get into, seriously. BA/MD programs are all difficult to get into. However, if I were to rank based on selectivity/number of applicants:

    1. Brown PLME
    2. GW
    3. Rensselaer
    4. Stony Brook
    4. UCONN (I think its primarily for in-state).
    5. Drexel
    5. Temple

    I don't know much about the NJ programs, sorry. The ranking above is not methodical in any way, it's just my own opinion/what I've read. Take it with a grain of salt.
  • h2md1h2md1 Posts: 7Registered User New Member
    if yu are from ohio.. there are i think more slots than number of applicants... i see the same students interviewing at:

    1. UC, John Carroll, xavier, case, UD, Toledo, NEOUCOM (ALl three), Miami, and may be I am mssing some..
  • h2md1h2md1 Posts: 7Registered User New Member
    Oh! i forgot OSU and DO program at OU

    they do take out of state students on a limited basis...
  • j567pj567p Posts: 209Registered User Junior Member
    the UMDNJ programs seem pretty selective.

    for TCNJ (which is the only one i know the numbers for), about 200 interview at TCNJ, then it is cut to like 80 for the UMDNJ where only about 25-30 students get accepted from there.

    Average SAT score is around 1500-1520 i believe.
  • AbooAboo Posts: 250Registered User Junior Member
    Move to New Mexico. It's UNM's first year of the BA/MD program, and they're shooting for students who scored a minimum of 26 on the ACT, plus a few other prerequisites. But you've got to be a resident of New Mexico. The medical school is quite superb, and everyone accepted gets a full-ride undergrad.
  • rjainrjain Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    For students who are currently juniors, you should consider applying to BA/DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine) programs. For example, MSU has a really good BA/DO program, and US News ranked their DO school very high.
  • foodisgoodfoodisgood Posts: 874Registered User Member
    well DO is generally viewed as less prestigious then MD but its definitely a good backup choice. Wow, I didn't know about the New Mexico program. Looks fairly easy to get into.
  • SohniSohni Posts: 393Registered User Member
    wow so i'm probably going to be moving to New Mexico within this next year ;)

    Thnx for the info on the MSU BA/DO as foodisgood said, it would be a nice back up
  • ivybound1010ivybound1010 Posts: 485Registered User Member
    instead of the DO program...well if you consider it less prestigious...why not go to college and take the regular route and see if you can get in to a medical school that way
    Like don't just give up and say hm I can't get into a BA/MD program so I'll just settle for a BA/DO program. I don't see why you would do that. Most kids that get into medical school take the normal route and the kids that get into the accelerated programs are just at the very top of the game but not getting into an accelerated program doesn't mean you won't get into medical school.

    Apply to the BS/DO program if you want a DO. It isnt really a much less prestigious degree but if a DO suits your view on medicine better, then apply to that, otherwise I wouldn't recommend it. Just my 2 cents.
  • foodisgoodfoodisgood Posts: 874Registered User Member
    yes, let me rephrase myself in case I misled anyone, keep the BS/DO as a backup but by all means, I would recommend you go to an ivy instead because it is generally easier to get into DO after undergrad anyways. I would definitely suggest an MD if you can get it (even if it involves ignoring the BS/DO program).
  • matrixrebloatedmatrixrebloated Posts: 303Registered User Junior Member
    yea I'm prob going to try to get into one of these BA/MD programs, really want to get into the rutgers/tcnj to Robert wood johnson program since I'm an NJ resident and I would have so much less tuition costs
  • MaxNzimmerman@gmMaxNzimmerman@gm Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    In response to all the trashing of the DO degree and despite my dad is an allopathic physician, osteopathic school is tough to get in there is only a 3 point difference on the mcat and .05 on the gpa very vmuch comprable and they have to pass the COMLEX which is at least as hard as the USMLE, as for the degree it is an MD equivalent and I'm not a DO. I'm applying UCONN BA/MD and BA/DMD. If not UCONN combined I'm a legacy at Thomas Jefferson College of Medicine and would go there. But don't knock osteopaths.
  • schriztoschrizto Posts: 4,099Registered User Senior Member
    :/ 3 point difference in the average of each section sounds like a pretty big difference . . .

    Kind of an old thread to be reviving.
  • topher14topher14 Posts: 153Registered User Junior Member
    for any future combined program applicants, based on my application experience:

    Definitely weigh DO programs as reasonable options. Whether you have a DO or an MD then people still call you "doctor." Also, if anything a DO is MORE difficult schooling than an MD because they still learn every single thing that an MD learns PLUS osteopathic manipulation and other holistic medicine techniques. A DO can also specialize in the same thing as an MD and get the same internships and residencies. A strong med student is a strong med student no matter what degree they go for.
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