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***Official Thread for BSMD Applicants 2018***


Replies to: ***Official Thread for BSMD Applicants 2018***

  • 8thgradekid8thgradekid Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Some programs say something along the lines of "applicants must meet the initial eligibility requirements of earning the highest grade point average available in their high school" -does that mean one must get an A+ in every class or will an A be acceptable too?
  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 892 Member
    @8thgradekid Unfortunately UPitt does not change that line for years and it confuses any one who are logical!
    Fortunately it does not mean you need to have 4.0 GPA or A+ in every class. They do invite students who are not near perfect to apply for BS/MD secondary app. My D who had 3.92 got the invite to apply. But being very competitive top tier program, nothing went beyond that point in her case.
  • TTV2018TTV2018 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    @GoldenRock : I have a question regarding documenting Physician Shadowing in the Common App. My daughter recently filled out the 10 slots for activities, with very limited space available for documentation. Is the Shadowing part of EC also supposed to be included there? She hasn't progressed beyond the initial part of common app yet (haven't done any supplementals). Is it important to include Shadowing in the CA 10 slots or is there a better place for it in BS MD suppl apps usually? Thank you for your time.
  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 892 Member
    @ttv2018 If your D feels the 10 activities she filled is more critical then leave as it is. Most of the colleges once you select the program (with in Common App), may have additional questions where you can provide that info. Some of them will expect to complete supplemental application (outside of Common App) and you may have place to mention shadowing. But there are few programs it may not have any other place to mention like Brown PLME. So there you need to make the call how you want to communicate since it is more relevant. Some time, make the call, though the activity heading may say Community Service, just add a bullet about shadowing.
  • Gjessi2020Gjessi2020 Registered User Posts: 22 New Member
    Any one can send me list of BD/MD colleges we can target updated one ?
  • Mango39Mango39 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Hello Everyone:

    What is the probability that I can get into direct BS/MD Program and which programs should i apply?

    GPA: 4.6 Weighted 3.5 Unweighted
    ACT: 34

    A P​ ​ C o u r s e s ​ :​​ ​Statistics,​ ​Chemistry,​ ​Physics,​ ​Human​ ​Geography,​ ​World​ ​History,​ ​US​ ​History,​ ​US  Government,​ ​European​ ​History,​ ​Psychology,​ ​​ ​Macro-Economics,​ ​&​ ​Computer​ ​Science.​

    E n r o ll e d​ ​ A P ​ ​ C o u r s e s​ :​ ​Biology,​ ​Calculus​ ​AB/BC,​ ​Environmental​ ​Science,​ ​&​ ​English​ ​Literature  

    Volunteer Hours : 250+
    at Senior Center helping elders and at Medical center as a volunteer plus shadowing.
    Research: doing research at TCU

    Model​ ​United​ ​Nations​ ​(President)        Interact​ ​(Secretary)        Robotics​ ​(Captain​ ​for​ ​TSA​ ​events)      South​ ​Asian​ ​Club​ ​(Member)      National​ ​Honor​ ​Society​ ​(Member)      Math​ ​Honor​ ​Society​ ​(Member)    Science​ ​National​ ​Honor​ ​Society​ ​(Member) 

    Also involved in City Youth Action Council

    National​ ​AP​ ​Scholar  AP​ ​Scholar​ ​with​ ​distinction  First​ ​Place​ ​Robotics​ ​Competition​ ​-​ ​District.  Finalist​ ​at​ ​Texas​ ​Regional​ ​Science​ ​Fair​ ​Competition 

  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 892 Member
    @Mango39 Unless you try you may not know. You have equal chance though the unweighted gpa is not that good. Since Texas has few programs which are only for TX resident students make sure to apply them. Also apply for different tier programs both mid and low if you are so sure about medicine. Focus on what you can control at this point. So forget gpa and scores. Take time on your essays / prompts and interviews.
  • Mango39Mango39 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Thank you very much GoldenRock, which mid or/ low tier colleges you recommend?
  • Empire007Empire007 Registered User Posts: 125 Junior Member


    Take out University of Rochester, Case Western, University of Pittsburgh, Brown, Northwestern and Baylor/Rice and you are left with mid and low tier. That link also gives a brief description of requirements to match with your stats. This is a very simplified list and many more factors go into receiving admission even from the lower tier schools, but if you are looking for a good place to start this may help. Also if I were you, I would stay away from programs at universities that are 'for profit'.

  • Mango39Mango39 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Thank You Empire007.
  • rk2017rk2017 Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    edited September 13
    In fact these two have consistent presence on these popular world wide followed lists published over the last 7 years, whereas some other names quoted were either on and off or never been on the list. Both are private institutions if that is what is being alluded by "for profit".
    Agreed they may charge a few thousands more compared to some state schools (for in state students), but have amazingly low student-faculty ratios and facilities. That should more than compensate for higher prices they charge, as long as cost is not a forbidding factor. In fact following the past posts from previous years, came across kids who opted to go to these schools, despite getting into their own in state guaranteed programs and top schools for traditional programs.
  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 892 Member
    @rk2017 Explanation needed to ensure every one is clear.

    1. It is true there are many universities which are public and private. But they are still classified as Non-Profit. So you are right both BU and WU are private but they are non-profit.
    2. The point @Empire007 raised is very important and critical to note, especially for MD education. There are very few which are private and for-profit (some of the Caribbean and the new one in CA, Northstate). Here extra careful. Make sure you understand and still if you are fine go ahead and apply to them.

    WU is top tier and hard to get and also equally hard to maintain the status since it expects around 3.8 gpa. BU is mid tier but it does not (may be very few) give any aid for BS/MD (not even for BS part) and it is expensive for all 8 years. But select more candidates and lot of folks join every year.

    The above list is a very big list. Unfortunately critical data is not included in the list like which programs are only for instate and for all etc., That will help to narrow down. You need to do your diligence in reviewing various programs and come up with the short list based on personal student and family situation.
  • rk2017rk2017 Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    edited September 14
    Comparing just these two programs, from what I understand WU keeps the intake at 8 or so every batch, that's what makes it very difficult to get in. BU on the other hand has intake of around 20. As I mentioned in a previous post, it may not be even realistic to pursue programs without enough critical and meaningful mass. Why even keep such programs and not close like UCSD did couple of years back?

    Another difference between them is BU is 7 year, unless the student wants to spend extra year to specialize in something or study abroad, so they save a year's cost on education though they may or may not get funding. Both schools charge similar fee.The GPA requirements can be misleading since BU is known to be one of the heavy grade deflated schools, unlike its well known neighbor in Cambridge, MA. Maintaining a 3.2 GPA requirement can be tougher than say, a 3.7 GPA requirement at other schools.
  • bsmdegreebsmdegree Registered User Posts: 23 New Member
    WU only provides 5 to 7 students per year and those students have to maintain an overall minimum 3.8 GPA and achieve a minimum total score on MCAD (equal to or above the 97th percentile).
    No doubt, WU is one of the best medical schools but if you can fulfill both 3.8 GPA and above 97% of MCAD, actually you can be accepted by any best medial schools in USA.
    (Why bother attending WU University Scholars Program?)

    BU provides 40 students for admissions and around 20 to 25 will matriculate per year, those students have to maintain a minimum 3.20 GPA and achieve a minimum total score on MCAD (equal to or above the 80th percentile).
    (IMHO, all talented BU BSMD students have no problems for these requirements.)

    BU Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education program is fair.

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