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***Official Thread for BSMD Applicants 2018***


Replies to: ***Official Thread for BSMD Applicants 2018***

  • JayShayyJayShayy Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    I was wondering about the academic requirement for the Pitt GAP. The requirements page reads that students must have achieved "the highest grade point average available in their high school in the context of a curriculum showing the greatest academic rigor possible". Im worried because there were honors and AP classes that I did not take in my freshman and sophmore year which might disqualify me from even applying to the program. Does anyone know if I actually HAD to take EVERY AP and honors class avaliable to me?
  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 891 Member
    @JayShayy Unfortunately UPitt has not changed the req info to be more clear and actual value. But they do invite folks to apply even if it is not perfect 4.0 GPA nor all the course are taken only Honors and/or AP. But more important for you is to evaluate yourself if will qualify to get invited to apply or will qualify to get an interview. It is a top tier program and expects top notch academic and all other key criteria's. My D was asked to apply though she had only 3.92 GPA & ACT 36 but never got the invite for interview.
  • texaspgtexaspg Super Moderator Posts: 16,581 Super Moderator
    It is possible UH program will move to second/third year recommended applicant program because they are missing out on the number seats vs how many matriculate.

    This is how Texas Tech used to be a few years ago.
  • JayShayyJayShayy Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    @GoldenRock Thank you for the tip! I was really scared that I was not eligible to even apply for the program.
  • JayShayyJayShayy Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    edited June 17
    What do you all think of my chances? I just finished my junior year. Here are my stats!

    -Chinese American Male


    -4.30/4.00 weighted GPA
    -1550 SAT (760 CR+W, 790 M)
    -Class Rank: 10/589


    -Frosh Cross Country- 2 years
    -JV Track & Field- 1 year
    -Hands4Hope Club (Charitable Organization)-3 years served on the committee for planning 2 service projects
    -40 hours shadowing (multiple specialties)
    -National Honor Society- 2 years
    -Scrubs Club Member- A club for future medical professionals


    -Hands4Hope Club VP- 1 year
    -Student Leadership-1 year
    -Hands4Hope Organization Youth Board- 1 year

    Community Service:

    ~200 hours volunteering in Hospital
    ~150 hours volunteering with Hands4Hope

    Research Experience:
    ~50 hours working in a research lab at the University of California Davis Medical Center

    -Presidential Service Award

    - Can speak 3 languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese

    Currently, my top program is the Pitt GAP. However, I am looking at other programs such as Drexel, GWU, Rochester, BU, Penn State, and TCNJ/Rutgers. Do you think I have a fair shot of gaining an interview at any of these programs or any BS/BA-MD program in general? Thanks!

  • lookingood99lookingood99 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi! I currently have an internship at a biotech company for the summer. However, the commute is long, I have to work full time (so I don't have time to do much else), and my boss has so far given me tasks of little value (data entry, editing other people's papers, etc.). I am unsure of whether she will give me more meaningful tasks in the future, and I'm hoping she will. In case she doesn't though, I could quit the internship and volunteer at a VA hospital nearby instead, as I have very few hospital volunteer hours. My question is, does an internship where I did not do much at a biotech company look more impressive than hospital volunteering? Should I continue with the internship and keep about 50 hours at the VA hospital, or quit and have about 200 hours at the VA hospital? Thanks!
  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 891 Member
    @JayShayy It is futile to chance any one. You have covered the key areas. At this point, work on your essays, various prompts response since they are also very critical. If possible visit some colleges, especially if you are in west coast since most of the programs are in east coast so that you can narrow down the list of colleges you want to apply. GL.
  • JayShayyJayShayy Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    edited June 18
    @GoldenRock Thank you! I have in fact visited colleges on the East Coast. Most of them are in pretty nice areas although some such as SBU and Siena are very isolated and others such as Temple don't have very good surrounding neighborhoods.
  • tripledouble2000tripledouble2000 Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    @lookingood99 personally I think having any research experience or in your case, an internship at a biotech company (which is very impressive by the way) always weighs more than hospital volunteering since most applicants to colleges even through the traditional pre-med route will have volunteered 100+ hours at a hospital, so it is not very special. A bs/md program is not likely to reject you only because you have so few hospital volunteering hours. Not many applicants can boast having an internship at a biotech company (though I am sure you're not the only one, especially in the bs/md applicant pool). What I suggest is to continue the internship (it's still a big commitment and quitting it anyway will not look good) and perhaps ask your boss if there is anything new you can do. It is, in my opinion, more valuable to your application than extra hospital volunteering hours.
  • tripledouble2000tripledouble2000 Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    @JayShayy I don't have much to add on, but your stats and ECs definitely look really good so I would not worry about them. Obviously, compared to other bs/md applicants, they most likely look barely above average since most, if not all, will boast similar academic stats. I would say the same thing that you should focus on starting your application essays and figuring out how you will shape your profile to appeal to these programs.
  • Empire007Empire007 Registered User Posts: 125 Junior Member
    @JayShayy the only thing I think is a little light in your stats is your research hours. Other than that it looks very competitive. If you were a URM I would say your chances are strong, however since you are Asian you fall into the competitive category. It's smart that you are not just applying to top tier programs, since you are applying to mid tier as well you may stand a better chance of getting an acceptance.
  • Empire007Empire007 Registered User Posts: 125 Junior Member
    edited June 19
    @lookingood99 working for biotech company sounds good, but just like if you were older and working in the corporate world and were sending your resume out, it's the details that matter. If you could do something of value there other than clerical work you could embellish that on your application. Your age and level of knowledge at this point may be why your boss hasn't challenged you yet, but if you are given a chance to work under a more seasoned mentor you may thru his/her eyes then at least experience some things that could give you additional bullet points to add to your application.
  • LushLilliesLushLillies Registered User Posts: 336 Member
    Joining this thread now as a BS/MD applicant next year :)

    I was wondering...will BS/MD programs deny me simply because my app isn't JUST med related?

    My main concern is that as an undergrad I plan on being a double CS and Bio major or getting a BA in CS and minoring in Bio while completing pre-med reqs. All of the BS/MD programs I am interested in (Case PPSP, UPitt GAP, and Northwestern HPME) allow you to major in whatever. However, will these BS/MDs see my interest in computer science as risky? I am very interested in the applications of computing to the life sciences, whether it is in research or through clinical technologies/apps...I have ECs that lean towards both CS and Bio pretty much equally.

    Also, I don't have many shadowing hours and don't plan on getting more (I have a research internship all summer and have many service ECs, I don't think shadowing is all that productive as my grandparents are doctors so I can ask them whatever and there are so many surgery videos available on the Internet...I could have done this shadowing program but it conflicts my internship...)

    Do you think I will fail during BS/MD admissions and should focus my energy on just regular pre-med admissions? I just want to see if I'd even stand a chance with my interest in CS being prominent (I am 100% committed to medicine, but I'm not interested in majoring in Bio...)

    Thank you so much!
  • Empire007Empire007 Registered User Posts: 125 Junior Member
    edited June 20
    @LushLillies Your question depends on the program you are applying to. The schools you mentioned all have flexible curriculums and should allow you to be a double major in CS and Bio. Brown PLME is also one that offers a flex program and they say:

    "The PLME allows for great flexibility in curriculum planning. A variety of courses are recommended to give undergraduates competency in mathematics and in natural, social, and behavioral sciences, and to provide a foundation for subsequent medical science and clinical courses.

    During the undergraduate years, PLME students may:

    Work toward an AB or ScB degree in the sciences, or
    Fulfill the requirements for an AB degree in the humanities, social sciences, or behavioral science, or
    Pursue another interdisciplinary concentration, such as public policy or international studies."

    However other schools are not so flexible, such as RPI which only allows the student to get their undergrad degree in Biology before continuing at AMC. More programs these days seem to be allowing more flexibility to their students to pursue different undergrad majors while still requiring certain core courses that would be helpful later on in medical school.

    To answer your question I do not think you will fail in your BS/MD addmission because of your interest in CS, but you named 3 top tier programs, I recommend you apply more broadly if BSMD is something you truly want and make sure those programs do allow flexibility in major selection.
  • LushLilliesLushLillies Registered User Posts: 336 Member
    @Empire007 thank you so much for your response! It's good that these programs don't look down upon multiple interests...all of them it seems offer ABs in Computer Science which are meant to be combined with other interests (which in my case would be biology and all the pre-med reqs). I do know about the PLME curriculum, I just didn't like Brown's environment when I visited sadly.

    I'm only applying to 3 BS/MD programs because I personally want to really like the undergrad and not be forced into 3-4 years at a school I don't like just to have a slightly easier path to med school...especially since these programs are so competitive that both students wouldn't have trouble getting into med school anyways. Even with some undergrads that offer BS/MD programs on my list (aka GW and WashU), I do not plan on applying to their BS/MD programs simply because I'm not sure if I'd want to go to GW's medical school and WashU has super strict requirements (3.80 GPA, way above average). If I don't get into any of them, I will just go the traditional route and attend the cheapest school on my list (which are all places I would love to attend :) )
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