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NYU Best Dorms/Housing

jemarie377jemarie377 Posts: 3Registered User New Member
edited July 2012 in New York University
I'm living in the NYU Dorms this summer while doing my internship and was wondering what some people's favorite dorms were. I'm living in either a double or triple, so was hoping people could offer some advice. I'm looking for something that's in a fun neighborhood, safe, and just enjoyable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have negative experiences, let me know those too! Thanks!

(I have choices of Broome Street, Carlyle, Coral Towers, Greenwich, Lafayette Street, Palladium, 3rd Ave North, University Court, University Hall or Water Street.) The only one I've actually seen or been inside is Water Street.
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Replies to: NYU Best Dorms/Housing

  • JennyD123JennyD123 Posts: 251Registered User Junior Member
    Water street is the nicest dorm, much nicer quality than the others. But as you've seen it's also very far away from the heart of NYU/the city. Other far away ones are University Court, Broome, Lafayette, and Greenwich - although the latter 3 are in very cool neighbourhoods. I'm in Carlyle right now, although it's a bit dormy and sometimes stuff breaks, I really like it - particularly the central Union Square location right by subway. It would be good for the things you want - it's big so has a good atmosphere, fun neighborhood, etc. Others like that are 3rd North, Palladium and Coral. Palladium is very dorm-y. It has a dining hall and gym if that's important to you. They're all safe. And my experiences have been in semester, so atmospheres and stuff will probably be different over the summer.
  • jemarie377jemarie377 Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    Anyone else? I'd really appreciate the advice.
  • grace22grace22 Posts: 62Registered User Junior Member
    I'd say go for Uhall, since it's the least risky of the lot. The suites there are all pretty much the same, and because it's the newest dorm, it's also the cleanest. :) Rooms are good-sized, pretty decent common room, kitchen a biiit small but that shouldn't matter if you're only going to be there over the summer. Water St has the nicest/largest rooms (probably because it doesn't belong to NYU - ha!), but it's the farthest away from NYU.
  • BigGreenJenBigGreenJen Posts: 372Registered User Member
    Any more advice? I'm in the same situation with the same dorms to pick from. I'm hoping to live with two of my other friends and we're looking for both a nice dorm and a good location with a fun neighborhood and easy access to transportation.

    Because we will be doing internships and not taking NYU classes, it isn't necessary that we stay near to the NYU campus.

    Any more advice would be very much appreciated!! Thanks!
  • louiextremelouiextreme Posts: 4Registered User New Member

    I'm also in a dorm-decision stalemate as well...

    I'm gonna be a freshman this fall at NYU, and being at Tisch, my dorm options are kinda limited to Hayden, Weinstein, Brittany, Rubin, and Goddard.

    Now can anyone happen to answer this next question, cause its specific.....

    I understand all these dorms have game rooms... Does anyone know if any of these dorms have a Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) machine? and if so which one(s)?

    That's honestly my big deciding factor.
  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie Posts: 2,179Registered User Senior Member
    lafayette is in chinatown. pretty big rooms, and you're right next to cheap food, fake handbags and little italy. the bad side is everything shuts down at 9.

    third avenue north is right next to st. marks and union square, a big travel hub of subways.

    water street is soooooo far from everything.

    broome is in little italy/soho.

    i would go with palladium. there's a gym and dining hall in your building, union square is awesome in the summer and the rooms are okay. plus, you're near a ton of subways so it's easy to get everywhere. i lived in goddard over the summer and loved it. (i didn't mind having a meal plan.)
  • NYUMinuteNYUMinute Posts: 25Registered User New Member
    Your deciding factor for housing is the dance dance revolution machine?? You can bring your own DDR machine. My best advice is - you need to grow up!
  • louiextremelouiextreme Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    No rly. Everything else about the dorms I'm good with. I really have no preference until I know which one has a ddr machine (plus my pads broke, and I'm not gonna go out and buy a new console and a game, cause the best I already have is ddr for the ps1.)

    Honestly, pal, you should open your eyes a little. There are ddr PROFESSIONALS and huge tournaments out there in which hundreds participate. I've seen people at arcades doing some of the most incredible stuff, like playing while wearing earplugs to shut out all sound, playing backwards, breakdancing on the buttons, its unbelievable. I'm not an expert, but I'm still an avid enthusiast like thousands of other people, young and old, so to assume that ddr is some child's toy is a pretty low move for someone as seemingly well-educated as yourself. I suggest you up your perspicacity with these things before making such benighted judgments.
  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie Posts: 2,179Registered User Senior Member
    not many of the dorms have actual game rooms in the sense that you think of them. i don't even think there's a DDR machine on campus anywhere.
  • BryanmBryanm Posts: 440Registered User Member
    Jemarine... If I were you I would go for University Hall.

    Louiextreme... I am going to be a freshmen next year, and I am putting Hayden down as my first choice. Oh, it would be sick if they had DDR there!!
  • louiextremelouiextreme Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    I know!!! I'm actually thinking about possibly touring the dorms, see firsthand if I can scout out a machine.

    what's your major gonna be by the way, if you've decided?
  • BryanmBryanm Posts: 440Registered User Member
    Haha... Let me know. But I am set on Hayden. DDR or Not.

    I am majoring in Econ in CAS, but I wanna try to double major in Poly sci.
  • juliumjulium Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    there are no DDR machines at any of the nyu dorms. if you're lucky you'll get a pool table at most.
  • laimarlaimar Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    how is university hall?
    and approximately how far is it from washington square park?
  • CASmomCASmom Posts: 194Registered User Junior Member
    You can find out the approximate walking time from/to any location in NYC by using a very handy website called HOPSTOP.com and selecting "walking only" as the mode of transportation. Here is the link: HopStop.com - Subway Directions and Bus Directions for New York City (NYC)
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