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hawkswim09hawkswim09 Posts: 1,222Registered User Senior Member
I have been accepted to both and will attending both of the accepted student's day. Other than how an individual feels at each school (that will be accomplished at the student's day where i can experience each school) what are the advantages of RPI over MIT.
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Replies to: MIT vs. RPI

  • peaceplease9100peaceplease9100 Posts: 56Registered User Junior Member
    I would go to MIT! haha. It's in Boston which is a much better location than troy. and of course... it's MIT. But RPI is awesome too! And you'd probably be a whole lot less stressed.
  • cga2013cga2013 Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    Don't go to MIT just for its name..yea its a great school but some of RPI's programs are stronger than MIT's and vice versa..do the accepted student stay things for both schools..talk to current students and see which one you like better
  • isa17isa17 Posts: 124Registered User Junior Member
    I've looked into each school a lot. I would definetly go to MIT. As a person that got denied from MIT, I would kill to be in your shoes.
  • cesium55cesium55 Posts: 225Registered User Junior Member
    What do you plan on studying?
  • hawkswim09hawkswim09 Posts: 1,222Registered User Senior Member
    isa17 -- i know and that has been on my mind a lot

    cesium55 --i plan on studying architecture and maybe a concentration in structural engineering

    thanks for your help
  • NiraliMagNiraliMag Posts: 256Registered User Junior Member
    Yeah, I live near RPI, and wow, Troy is probably the worst place to go to school on the face of this earth. ( no exaggeration, I actually applied because my father made me, and wrote sloppy, convoluted short answers hoping I wouldn't get in, and HA they still accepted me. lol)
  • JessephenJessephen Posts: 132Registered User Junior Member
    One of the BIG differences between RPI and MIT as far as architecture goes is that RPI has a Bachelors degree (5 years) that is a professional degree whereas MIT does not. MIT's only National Architecture Accrediting Board approved program is a 3 year Master's in Architecture. Go to NAAB.org and use their search engine to find approved programs. In MA at least one must graduate from an NAAB approved program in order to obtain a state license. I live in MA and there were not many NAAB approved BS programs to choose from that were fairly close to us. (Cornell, Syracuse, RPI) Anyway this is something to think about. How long do you want to be in school for your first professional architecture degree? You can certainly go back for the MS (either way) but it is all worth considering in these tough economic times
  • hawkswim09hawkswim09 Posts: 1,222Registered User Senior Member
    thanks for the advice...this is a really good point, and something that i am going to have to look at deeper.... i think i am also going to try and look at the different required class as well at both schools and see which one is more conducive to me.
  • D1QD1Q Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    Dude I think you got a lot of good advice and a good plan already.

    Honestly though as one who is graduating right now from RPI I question why you are questioning this. I think another poster put it right when he said MIT is much harder to get into. Therefore it is a better overall program and the graduates are considered geniuses and therefore their starting salaries are MUCH MUCH higher than those of us who graduated from RPI. Money should not be your only consideration but one must question why? There is a reason. Not everybody knows about RPI - though it is becoming more renowned. But try to find someone (that matters) who doesn't know about MIT and what it stands for.

    That's my 2 cents!

    Go to MIT or you might regret it forever! Oh and Troy (people call it Troylet) sucks - lots of crime close to campus...but Boston is a great place to live I hear.
  • ElistuyElistuy Posts: 48Registered User Junior Member
    are you sure you will be able to do arch at MIT going in?
  • xNYerxNYer Posts: 454Registered User Member
    That is another important part of this question.
    If you graduate with a degree in architecture you will be one of the lowest paid professionals out there. If you owe a lot of money coming out of school it will affect how and where you live (hopefully it's not your parents basement).
    Anyhow you shopuld ask this question in the "architecture" thread of this site.
    More than likelly they will tell you to choose RPI if you want to parctice architecture or MIT if you want to teach.
    Typically after your first job in this field they don't care where your degree is from. It will all be about talent and production capabilities.
    Teaching is probably different as you will have the MIT recognition.
  • lml17325lml17325 Posts: 11Registered User New Member
    Since the deadline has passed, I would like to know where you have decided to go. I have also been accepted to both MIT and RPI, and I have decided to got to RPI.
  • ElistuyElistuy Posts: 48Registered User Junior Member
    @lml17325- im decided to go to RPI too- what major will you be going in with?
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