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Prep School Disciplinary Policy Regarding Alerting Colleges

This is really a vent, a cautionary tale for parents of not-perfect kids concerned about college admissions. In case you are not sure, if you have a kid, that kid is not perfect.

Here’s The Amount of Money Colleges Make from Rejected Applications

"... An example is Harvard University which earns $3 million in gross profits from rejected applications every year, and that is according to UCEazy.…

Admitted-Student Day vs. Ordinary-Day Visits?

... for those of you who have attended an admitted-students day recently ... or in the past ... would you recommend seeing a candidate college that way or do you feel that an under-the-radar visit is more effective?

Are More Selective Colleges More Academically Difficult?

I'm a dad of 3, the oldest is just starting her college search. I'm interested in your opinions about whether more selective schools are also more rigorous and academically challenging in the classroom. What are your thoughts?

Started in Parents Forum by Saint68

Rwandan Teen Gets 4 Ivy League College Scholarships

Stella Ituze, 18, has become the first Rwandan to be awarded scholarships in 10 of the best universities in the world including four Ivy League colleges. Draw inspiration from her great story!

American Students Moving to Europe for Free College

"CNN Money reports that the lure of free or deeply discounted tuition is enough for thousands of students to cross the pond each year to make their dreams of a higher education a reality."

Started in College Life by Dave_Berry

What's Your Experience with a Private Admissions Consultant?

The landscape of admissions changes every year and so do the fees. My D is a junior and we are debating about getting her a consultant. Have you retained a private admissions consultant and how much do they cost nowadays?

Started in Parents Forum by jzducol

How Much Longer Will Students Be Willing to Go Away to College?

"As the cost of college skyrockets ever upward and fewer students are willing to travel, there’s a very good chance that higher education might be returning to its local roots." Do you agree with this hypothesis?

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry