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Should I take the ACT for the fourth time?

luvscience29luvscience29 10 replies5 threads Junior Member
I took the ACT 3 times and here are my scores:

First time
English: 34
Math: 33
Reading: 22
Science: 28
Composite: 29

Second time
English: 34
Math: 35
Reading: 27
Science: 35
Composite: 33

Third time
English: 35
Math: 32
Reading: 31
Science: 35
Composite: 33

My super-score is 34, and I'm aiming for top 10-20 colleges. Some of them super-score, others don't. Should I take the ACT for the 4th time or just stop and focus on my SAT Subject Tests?
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Replies to: Should I take the ACT for the fourth time?

  • UndercrackersUndercrackers 892 replies2 threads Member
    Your latest Composite score is 33.25. In order to get rounded up to a 34.00, you need to improve by 1 point in a section, which would get you at 33.50. You could work extra hard on the Reading section, which is clearly your weakest.

    If you are really, really bent on getting the 34, and have the time and money into additional prep, go for it. Personally, I think taking it more than twice is crazy, because your chances of improving go way down after that (as your 3rd time score proved). You may want to spend more time focusing on other tests/grades/EC's. One test score doesn't guarantee anything (ask the kids who had 36's and didn't get into top schools).
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  • luvscience29luvscience29 10 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @Undercrackers thank you for your insight! Yeah, I spoke to a LOT of people and they told me to not take it a fourth time (for the reasons that aligned with yours).
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