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Yale Sets New Early App Record

Yale received a record high number of early applications this year, marking a steep rise in its single-choice early action application total for the second consecutive year.

Started in Yale University by Dave_Berry

Six Myths About Choosing a College Major

Many colleges ask you to choose a major as early as your senior year of high school, on your admissions application. Yet there’s a good chance you’ll change your mind. Debunk these six myths.

Started in College Majors by Dave_Berry

The Surprising Revolt at the Most Liberal College in the Country

Activists are disrupting lectures to protest "white supremacy," but many students are taking steps to stop them. Read up on the story and share your thoughts!

Started in Parents Forum by Ohiodad51

Tips for Families to Survive High School Without Counselors

Navigating high school without counselors can be tricky for students and their families, but some have limited or no access to these professionals. But these three tips may help.

How an Ivy Got Less Preppy: Princeton Draws Surge of Students from Modest Means

"The gatekeepers wanted to shed the reputation of a tradition-steeped university that caters mainly to the preppy and the privileged. So they took more steps to welcome newcomers from poor and working-class homes." How do you view this change?

College Costs: Some Economic Lessons to Minimize Debt

"College is possible without horrifically burdensome student loans." Here are some things you should consider about student loans.

Colleges' Admission Worries Can Benefit Applicants

"With time and patience, researching colleges' own admission situations can help students and families get into the game more confidently." Learn how you can leverage colleges' admission worries to increase your chances.

Admissions Trends at Top Public Colleges

Getting admitted to a top public college is becoming tougher, as applicant pools grow and average acceptance rates fall. Check out the three admissions trends at the top 10 ranked public colleges.

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