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HS Juniors: Use This Summer Strategy to Prepare for College Applications

Dave Berry breaks down the steps rising seniors can take to get a jump start on college applications this summer.

Advice for a Home Schooler Starting the Admissions Process

Check out these tips for home-schooled students who are just beginning to navigate the college admissions process.

Should You Take the SAT or ACT Before Your Junior Year?

If you're thinking about registering for the SAT or ACT before 11th grade, check out these considerations.

Find out Whether the Colleges That Wait-Listed You Will Ever Give You A Decision

You've been wait-listed -- and May 1 is quickly approaching. The Dean reveals when schools might tell you if you're off the waitlist.

Feds uncover admissions test cheating plot

Parents, coaches, consultants and others are the focus of a college admissions scheme.

Admissions Notification Dates 2019

We're getting very close to the last batch of admissions decisions for regular decision applicants, so we thought we'd start a crowdsourced list. If you have a firm date for decision notification, please add it to the list.

A Guide to the College Guides

Having finished the college process for the kids, Postmodern felt a desire to make some small contribution to CC as gratitude. Check out his guide to college admissions.

College Life: Another Lonely Student

It's been 2 months since @leafconeybearismart started college and he/she doesn't have any friends. He/She is kind of upset all around and doesn't know how to feel better. Read this story and give your advice.