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How Much Should Parents Help With College Admissions?

Should parents pitch in during the college admissions process, or should they back off? The Dean weighs in...

Making the Most of College Fairs When You Can’t Get to Campus

Find out how college fairs can help you connect with colleges when you can't visit them.

What A Perfect Score Can – And Can’t – Do for Your Future

Striving for a perfect ACT or SAT score, first know what it can and can't do for your future.

New College Board Tool Helps Admissions Officers

'Environmental Dashboard' is a new tool from The College Board that allows admissions officers to get more context for each application they read. It was used by about 15 schools in the pilot run.

See How Student Loan Borrowing Has Risen in 10 Years

"... Today's students are borrowing more in loans, while colleges and universities continue to raise tuition and fees." Check out the full report and let us know your thoughts!

Stanford Not to Announce Undergraduate Application Numbers

"Beginning in fall 2018, Stanford will no longer publicize data regarding the numbers of undergraduate applications. The policy shift is intended to help de-emphasize the perceived importance of low admit rates at colleges and universities."

8 More Colleges Submitted Incorrect Data for Rankings

"U.S. News will consider them unranked for the rest of this rankings year, but that punishment will last only a few weeks. Some colleges say U.S. News is to blame."

The Top 10 Colleges for Financial Aid

"Here are the schools that are doling out the most aid to offset the cost of college, according to The Princeton Review's 2019 ranking. The top 10 are all private, many of which have sky-high tuition prices, but their very generous aid packages tell a different story."