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My Son's Journey through Mental Illness, in His Words

My 24-year-old son was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2011. He has decided he wants to start sharing his story publicly, so he will be speaking for NAMI this Monday. I am so very proud of him. He is a warrior.

The Myth of the Sports Scholarship

Allison Goldblatt and her family believed that her elite status as a swimmer would pay her way at the college of her choice. But they found out the truth.

Started in Athletic Recruits by Zinhead

How Wealthy Families Manipulate Admissions at Elite Universities

As Jared Kushner's acceptance to Harvard comes under renewed scrutiny, Daniel Golden, who wrote the book on preferential treatment, gives us an update on admissions at elite universities.

Started in Parents Forum by Erin's Dad

Cranberry Sauce and Your Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful College Confidential community! Help us celebrate by sharing some of your Thanksgiving traditions.

Started in Parent Cafe by Torveaux

Forbes: 25 Most Expensive Schools Worth Every Penny

Take a look at the highest-ranking Best Value colleges that also charge the most for attendance. While these schools are pricey, they also have the highest payoff: students graduate on time and make higher post-graduation earnings.

Most Students Don’t Know When News Is Fake, Stanford Study Finds

This is an important new study that shows many kids who spend a lot of time using social media lack the ability to distinguish fact from fiction.

Started in Parents Forum by menloparkmom

Sell Your Future Income to Pay for College?

Don't like the idea of big student loans, but still need money for college? Here's a novel idea: sell shares in yourself.

Yale Professor: My Students Aren’t Snowflakes, and They Don’t Melt

Countless media reports claim that university students are so devastated by the election results that they have stopped functioning. A Yale University economics professor rebuts that notion.

Started in Parents Forum by marvin100
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