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Getting into College Was the Easy Part. Staying There Is Becoming Harder Than Ever, Experts Say

"However difficult getting into college may have been, it turns out, that may have been the easiest part of the transition to college life, admissions officials say." We look forward to reading about your experiences!

Triple Room Survival Tips

My daughter has been assigned to a room with two other roommates. I have no idea how they are going to fit all of their things in a 19x13 room! Please share any advice so she can be prepared. Frankly it sounds like torture!!

Started in Parents Forum by denimom

Understand SAT Grid-In Questions

Grid-in questions can cause students great concern and can lower scores if students do not know how to approach them. Consider these four steps for maximizing your grid-in performance.

Started in SAT Preparation by Dave_Berry

Does Your Child Meet Your “Text-pectations”?

Question: My son goes to college 1,000 miles from home ... it annoys me and even hurts me that he doesn’t answer at least half my texts ...

A's on the Rise in U.S. Report Cards, but SATs Flounder

New research shows the number of high schoolers graduating with an A average is climbing, but that doesn't mean much for college. Read up on the latest research!

How International Students Can Begin a U.S. College Search

Here are some steps prospective international students can take to begin an effective U.S. college search from anywhere in the world.

How Universal College Admission Tests Help Low-Income Students

There is widespread concern about over-testing in schools. Yet we need all students to take the right tests if low-income and minority children are to have a good shot at a quality college education.

What Summer Job? Kids Would Rather Get a Foot in the Door at a Big Company

The summer job, once an obligation, is now merely an option among a few possible routes. It’s becoming more common for college students to balance unpaid internships with a paying side gig for a company like Uber or Instacart.

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