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What Do Top Colleges Have Against Transfer Students?

Princeton University did something this year it hasn’t done since 1990: It accepted transfer students. Discover how the image of the modern undergraduate shifted in recent year and how top colleges now view transfer students.

The 20 Best Value Colleges of 2019

"Every year, the Fiske Guide to Colleges releases a ranking of the 10 "best-buy" public and the 10 'best-buy' private colleges." Check out the 20 schools that came out on top for 2019.

How Some Students Are Lowering or Avoiding College Tuition and Student Loans

"As many Americans struggle with student debt, a growing number of college-bound teenagers have found a way to sidestep as much as $44,000 in tuition expense, on average—and the loans that often go along with it." Read more!

Introducing a New Expert Content Section: Careers!

Researching schools can cause a severe case of tunnel vision. Check out our brand new "Careers" channel for advice on how to connect your interests to major and career decisions.

College Admissions Will Never Be Fair

While some parents will do anything to get their kids into the college of their dreams, it's important to build a system that fosters social mobility while accepting the reality of parental gaming. Do you agree with this opinion?

Summer Visits: Where Are You Headed?

We are touring several colleges this summer and wanted to see where everyone else is going. Do you have any tips for touring in summer and/or experiences to share?

Started in Parents Forum by drewsmom17

How to Pick Between a Summer or Fall ACT, SAT Test Date

Both the ACT and the SAT are offered in the summer, but students should carefully consider when they think they'll do their best. Carefully consider your needs and time commitments when scheduling your test date.

Are Students Prepared for the Ivy League Experience?

Ivy Leagues may be tougher than one anticipates. In her debrief, cheetahgirl121 shares her daughter's experience and the challenges she faced. Weigh in and share your thoughts!

Introducing a New Expert Content Section: Careers!