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What’s A Likely Letter?

Find out what a likely letter is, and what it could mean for your admissions journey.

Should I Send My Enrollment Deposit Before I Receive My Financial Aid Award?

Find out whether to send an enrollment deposit to your top-choice school upon acceptance, or if you should wait for the financial aid package.

Searching for “Safety” Schools

Looking for a few safety schools to add to your college list? Dave Berry investigates.

Should HS Juniors Create College Lists Based on PSAT Scores?

HS juniors have gotten their PSAT scores back -- should you create college lists based on these results?

A Guide to the College Guides

Having finished the college process for the kids, Postmodern felt a desire to make some small contribution to CC as gratitude. Check out his guide to college admissions.

College Life: Another Lonely Student

It's been 2 months since @leafconeybearismart started college and he/she doesn't have any friends. He/She is kind of upset all around and doesn't know how to feel better. Read this story and give your advice.

2020 National Merit Semi-Finalists Can Submit either SAT or ACT Scores

Starting with the 2020 National Merit competition, students hoping to advance from semi-finalist to finalist can take either the SAT or the ACT, a big change that a lot of folks have wanted for a long time. Read more about it!

Do Parents Ever Cross a Line by Helping Too Much With Schoolwork?

Is there a line parents shouldn’t cross when supporting kids with their schoolwork? How much help is too much help? Check out this student opinion and let us know your thoughts!

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry