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College Costs: Some Economic Lessons to Minimize Debt

"College is possible without horrifically burdensome student loans." Here are some things you should consider about student loans.

Colleges' Admission Worries Can Benefit Applicants

"With time and patience, researching colleges' own admission situations can help students and families get into the game more confidently." Learn how you can leverage colleges' admission worries to increase your chances.

Admissions Trends at Top Public Colleges

Getting admitted to a top public college is becoming tougher, as applicant pools grow and average acceptance rates fall. Check out the three admissions trends at the top 10 ranked public colleges.

America's Top 'Green' Colleges

"This past summer, The Princeton Review conducted an analysis and ranking of the eco-friendliness of 629 schools." Check out the list of this year's 'greenest' schools!

Harvard Will Accept Fewer Students in Class of 2022

According to Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons, Harvard College will accept fewer students into the Class of 2022 in hopes of admitting more students off the waitlist.

The Hardest Test of Freshman Year? Survival.

For students and parents, the beginning of freshman year is filled with hope and joy, but as the author and columnist Frank Bruni recently pointed out, the freshman year of college is a lonely one for many students. Share with us your experiences!

Started in Parents Forum by Epson410

It’s College Reference Time, But My Guidance Counselor Doesn’t Even Know My Name!

Question: I am a senior at a big public high school and just met with my guidance counselor. He kept calling me “Dan” even though my name is “Ben.” ...

New Study Highlights How College Visits Boost Admissions Chances At Selective Colleges

"A new study shows that high school students who show demonstrated interest in a college by making an official visit to campus have an advantage in the admissions process over students who don't make a campus visit." How do you view these findings?

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