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2 ED's (I at 1 school and II at another)?

lbroccolilbroccoli 4 replies3 postsRegistered User New Member
Could you actually apply EDI to a school who offers EDI Nov 15 with a decision by mid December and then apply EDII to a different school with EDII deadline of Jan 1 if you didn't get into your first choice by EDI? Do people actually do that if they are having a hard time deciding between 2 favorite schools and would be happy at either?
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Replies to: 2 ED's (I at 1 school and II at another)?

  • 3togo3togo 5218 replies15 postsRegistered User Senior Member
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    Yes you can do that ... and yes a lot of people do it.

    PS - If one of my kids was torn between two school I would NOT recommend EDI and EDII ... I would recommend they apply to both rolling and see is a clear favorite emerges but spring. IF one of my kids had a clear #1 and then a clear #2 then the EDI/EDII strategy would make a lot of sense to me ... assuming comparing financial aid offers is not vital.
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