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Help average student with lots of GAP year due to financial turbulence

satmaster9satmaster9 38 replies2 threads Junior Member
Hello fellow collegeconfidential member i need your opinion on a very serious issue that i am facing actually i am a student from INDIA i graduated from high school in 2008 with biology,physics,chemistry,computer sciences and English.i was in top 5% of my class and i have remined A grade student throughout senior high school in biology.But eversince i have came out of school i am in attempt to go to USA but due to some financial turbulence i failed to do so(the admission fees and test fees are a lot for us).this year when i finally got the money another issue surfaced and apparently i won’t be able to apply to college this year as well.and now i am planning to apply next year for FALL or SPRING semester of 2012.now like i said i have graduated in 2008 and all this time gap years have added up currently 2.5 years and if i fail to go this year another 1 year will add up totalling 3.5 years.I don’t want to study in INDIA i want to do research work which has little scope down here that’s why i didn’t joined here and it isn’t an option at all.so is it okay to have a few GAP years due to financial reasons or it will lead to denial of admission at good and top universities please advice.what effect it will have on applying to universities like BOSTON UNIVERSITY,UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA,MIT,CALTECH,STONY BROOK etc.what is your take on this slight above average student with 3-4 GAP year applying to US universities for admission taking SAT etc.
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Replies to: Help average student with lots of GAP year due to financial turbulence

  • jivybound11jivybound11 33 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I'd advice you to take a gap year to improve your grammar and spelling--Harvard and other Ivies won't take you if you can't properly conjugate your adjectives.
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  • satmaster9satmaster9 38 replies2 threads Junior Member
    i am not giving an exam down here so spelling or grammer mistake are not of much consideration pal.
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  • asbjavedasbjaved 156 replies20 threads Junior Member
    I agree with jivybound... Its not about it being a test here or not, if u cant come up with grammatically correct sentences now, its going to tax u at all ur tests like SAT and TOEFL, where time's really short and u have to work at speeds unfathomable

    Far as the issue is concerned... I'm from Pak and i just took a gap year. They make u attach an essay that explains ur gap years, so long as u justify them properly, u shud be golden. Plus, it'll be a good idea to add some safe schools to that list... And look for schools with more liberal financial aid budgets.

    But the first point again, work on ur english proficiency, it'll tax u seriously... maybe more than u can believe...
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