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Questions from an interested Senior. Amherst ppl please answer.

SparkeEcrash78SparkeEcrash78 16 replies13 threads New Member
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I'm a senior who's seriously considering doing ED for amherst. I also got into amherst's DivOH (october session ppl... c u there) and just want to know how Amherst is like before i get there.

Do a lot of students from other colleges like holyoke and smith come to Amherst to study or is that five crossed college thing virtually nonexistent?

Also are there a lot of social activities such as dancing or culture festivals or are students pretty much bored out of their minds?

Also are there a lot of places to go hang out with pals in Amherst? Like movie theaters, restaurants, night dance clubs, or malls.

And lastly... how are the dorms set up? Are the dorm buildings really big with lots of students but give us single rooms and enough space to breathe?
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  • unregisteredunregistered 1177 replies3 threads Senior Member
    A fair number of students come to Amherst, but I think Smith takes in the most consortium students. If you don't use the consortium, it won't bother you so much, but it's great to have the option.

    There are a lot of activities, and some festivals on the town common. Amherst itself has a program called FLICS which plays movie, but there is also a local independent cinema which is awesome. In neighboring town of Hadley there's a theater called Cinemark, just a few miles away, which is huge. It's located in a mall. Northampton has fun night clubs. I love the restaurants, terrific food.

    Most freshman dorms are doubles, with a fair number of singles (two-room doubles, really). Now that the mods are for upperclassmen, the freshman housing is all gorgeous.
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  • lmpwlmpw 610 replies7 threads Member
    sparkeEcrash78, I know you said you wanted to know all the answers to these questions prior to the Open House, however, going to Amherst and living on campus, visiting the classes and actually being in Amherst will answer mostly all of your questions. Just wait until you arrive and see how it feels. The Diversity Open House was the defining factor in my daughter going to Amherst. Being there for a weekend made the college real. She got to see and live in the dorm, visit classes, attend parties, meet students and faculty. At New Student Orientation a couple of weeks ago, we were told that Amherst College was the number one college for students from the other colleges coming to their classes. But, there are certain programs that they said students would need to go to other campuses for if they were interested -for example Italian, Middle Eastern and African languages (UMass), more extensive film courses (Hampshire) and other specialities at Smith and Mt. Holyoke. Amherst is great. Just go and see how you feel after your visit. Getting accepted for the Diverstiy Open House significantly enhances your chances of acceptance. The College is already investing in bringing you in. So, they're definitely interested in attracting you. You're very fortunate.
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  • CatfishCatfish 717 replies8 threads Member
    There are definitely consortium students on campus for various classes and other activities. The biggest impact is probably on weekends, when students from Smith and Mount Holyoke who are tired of looking at girls all day come to Amherst for parties. I assume it's because we Amherst guys are so good looking.

    Freshman dorms range from very nice to ridiculously nice (the new Charles Pratt). I don't know of any freshman rooms that aren't set up as doubles, whether one room or two. The two room doubles are big enough that you can get a couch in there along with your bed, desk, etc.
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