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  • samej860samej860 12 replies1 threads New Member
    80% does seem really high. I would say that about half the people I know at Amherst play sports. I don't play a sport and I've never felt excluded from parties. Sports teams have "pre-games" with just the team, and then everyone goes to larger parties later in the night. It's really not an issue--Amherst is really welcoming and the larger parties are always open to everyone.
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  • abstract17abstract17 88 replies13 threads Junior Member
    this is where the 80 came from https://www.amherst.edu/athletics/quickfacts

    and the private pregame to large party procedure was exactly what i experienced
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  • reesezpiecez103reesezpiecez103 1231 replies15 threads Senior Member
    Well, I'm not exactly complaining about the number...as an athlete myself, the more athletes, the better! I guess I was just surprised.
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