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AP Testing in College but not for credit.

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My situation is a bit complicated so bare with me as I explain this.
I was a 4.0 student throughout my highschool years (about 1.2k ranked nationally, #2 in the state), except my senior year I got hit with the sweet plague of senioritis and got about 3.6 gpa, making my overall gpa about 3.8. Now that being said, I took many AP courses which I passed the class but failed the exam with scores that ranged from 2-3 (I did pass few with 4). Obviously, I wasn't able to get credit for those classes and I had to retake them in college
I got into a local state university with 80% acceptance rate, and got 2.0 gpa in a very competitive subject.
Seeing this I realized college may not be my thing and I didn't go to school for half a year.
Then I transferred to a community college in attempt to recover my gpa and perhaps aim for an ivyleague school.

I am getting 4.0 gpa in my community college, with a lot of Fs in my record from my previous institution and some volunteer hours in my field.
However to raise my chance of getting into the ivyleague school that I want to go into, I wish to retake my AP exams.
I did get 1500 for new SAT (the first time I took it was about 1650 in the old exam), but plan to retake it for better grade.

I have ran across some articles but they were all talking about taking AP exams to get it into college credit. I am not looking for this but I want to show colleges that I am capable of passing these exams. Would this be helpful or necessary? Am I supposed to do this? Please guide me. Thank you guys in advance.
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