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Chance Me

bayareanbayarean 1 replies4 threads New Member
Hi, I am looking to apply to BC's Carrol school for business management
GPA: 3.54
SAT: 1580
APs: 5 in statistics, 4 in APCSA, 5 in AP English Lang., 3 in AP Spanish, 5 in AP Seminar, 5 in AP Microeconomics, 5 in BC calc
- Summer College at Cornell (1 B in CS, 1B in Intro Microecon)
- 4 years of Varsity Badminton (Made it to states in California)
- 2 years of Varsity Soccer
- Created a club with 20 members for CS
- VP for two other clubs, one STEM, the other economics
- Internship at UCLA for cs
-UCLA summer institute (1A in macroecon, 1A in psych)

I know a lot of my ecs are geared towards computer science, but I am not sure I want to pursue a career in it. Is it still possible to go into business at BC?
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  • privatebankerprivatebanker 5500 replies79 threads Senior Member
    You are a really good candidate. But it’s still depends. You over index on the sat and will be less competitive on gpa and class standing if you are outside of the top 10 percent. Ecs are excellent too. The stem focus might be a bonus. It may come down to other factors in your profile in the end. Recs SES and any other preferences plus or minus.
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