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Sousa9Sousa9 68 replies27 threads Junior Member
edited March 2010 in Boston University
From one who has dreamt to go to NY for quite some time but does not have a very high family income (50,000 or so), which should I choose?
NYU's Liberal Studies Program? Or the College of Arts and Science at Boston U?
edited March 2010
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Replies to: NYU LSP or BU CAS?

  • AliAngelAliAngel 720 replies16 threads Member
    lol unless you have significant financial need, bu isn't going to be any cheaper than nyu.
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  • Lauren591Lauren591 250 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Assuming you applied to both, wait for the financial aid packages to come out and compare them. You'll get a good education and city experience either place. If you haven't applied to schools yet, I'd strongly recommend you apply to both when you do. If you can envision yourself somewhere, spend the extra $60 on the application fee to see what you get in financial aid from each place. Your chances of getting a scholarship or grant money from one is worth it.
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  • lalaz1000lalaz1000 116 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Honestly, with the way NYU is going their financial aid is going down and down and down. The LSP is considered to be like high school all over again. And yes you may get to switch into your college after the two years, it's not worth getting the debt from it. If you got placed in LSP instead of CAS at NYU I personally don't think it's worth it. Unless your rich. I was placed in CAS at NYU last year and got only 30k in financial aid, if your in LSP I think you may get less, plus it's all dependent on your grades. BU seems to be very generous with fin. aid. as from BU they gave me a full ride. So it just all comes down to the fin. aid. package, make the decision when you get the package.
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  • LergnomLergnom 7737 replies189 threads Senior Member
    LSP = CGS. How one values that is personal.
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  • Haze2525Haze2525 2 replies0 threads New Member
    I go to BU now.. I wish I would have picked NYU instead. But seeing as you got into the CAS program here and LSP over there... hmm, go with BU.
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  • Lacey0430Lacey0430 46 replies9 threads Junior Member
    mind telling us why you wished you would have picked NYU over BU? I'm kind of in a similar situation and im trying to decide between NYU and Boston University as of right now.
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  • thisgirlisaGthisgirlisaG - 1300 replies38 threads Senior Member
    ^i would like to know, too :/ lol.
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  • Sousa9Sousa9 68 replies27 threads Junior Member
    Sorry for the late response =p
    I've wanted to go to NYU for a few years now. This is due in great part to its location - It's New York City! NY provides so many opportunities that are unmatched.
    Also, NYU has a better academic reputation than does BU.
    These reasons, among others, are what drive me to go to NYU.
    But again, placement into LSP and financial difficulties are going to be very problematic come time to decide where I'm going.
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