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Senior Year Testing?

HadiramHadiram 117 replies32 threads Junior Member
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I was hoping for any advice/opinions on testing I should plan on doing before college apps in my upcoming senior year. Obviously scores aren't everything, but I wanted to make sure they were at least in the higher-end of the range.

My scores so far:

SAT-2200 (720M, 740R, 740W)
Math II SAT-800
Biology M SAT-750
Chemistry SAT-750

My SAT score is something I wasn't very happy with and I don't plan on submitting it anywhere. My question is whether or not colleges will be able to see it if I send them SAT II scores. I know if I retake the SAT I will score better in the Math section (not sure about Reading or Writing), so my superscored score would go higher. If schools never see the score though, I'm thinking its not worth retaking, right? Especially when I have done well on the ACT...?

Will my SAT II scores cut it? These are what I'm most worried about. I can probably take a language SAT and score highly on it, and I am considering retaking the Bio SAT as well.

My main questions are then:
Should I bother retaking the SAT or should I just send in my ACT score and be done with it?
Do I need to retake/take any more SAT IIs? If so, which ones?

LAST QUESTION: How much do AP scores matter in college admissions? I have pretty much taken the most rigorous schedule possible (obviously there are multiple "most rigorous schedules", but still...) The only score I would consider submitting are a 5 on Bio and a 4 on European History. Do AP scores affect admission? or only placement after admission?

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Replies to: Senior Year Testing?

  • popcharlie93popcharlie93 375 replies84 threads Member
    Your scores are fine the way they are. I would personally send in your 35 on the ACT and your SAT II scores. You do not need to retake them, and they are not required if you send in your ACT. If you'd like to do it anyway, that's fine as well. It's better to feel comfortable with what you sent and I feel as though those are strong subject test scores that could only help you with admission to the university. As for taking more...I would assume that your subject tests are reflecting your planned concentration on the application (math or science?), so you should be good there.

    AP scores are looked at if they are provided on the application. Omitting certain AP scores that you don't feel reflect your abilities shouldn't harm you. The application advises you to submit your "best scores". I'm fairly certain that any school would use the AP scores and the respective class grades to see how well you've mastered the material, so yeah, it would be a part of admissions... I do not believe that an AP score can make or break your application. Once you're admitted, yes, each score is used for placement depending on what Brown's policies are for that subject.

    You can find those here:
    Advanced Placement Information
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  • fireandrainfireandrain 4685 replies54 threads Senior Member
    Just to put things into some perspective -- you might not be happy with your SAT score, but it is excellent. Most students would do love to have a score like that.

    And your SAT II scores are equally good. Do you think you can do better than an 800? Most schools want to see two scores, and you've got an 800 and a 750. That is stellar.
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