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Pls help review and make corrections

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What is something you created that makes you especially proud, and why?

My bond with my family. My bestfriends are my brothers and my role models are my parents. I have formed such a tight connection with my family and we have been through so much together that could have easily broken our ties. Yet, I have never given them a reason to doubt or lose their faith on me. Being the ideal sister and daughter has always been my priority and I am proud of the trust I have created in my family.
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    Are you applying ED? If so, you may want to finish everything before the very last minute in case the server crashes or something unexpected happens tomorrow. Firstly, it isn't a good idea to publicly post your essays because anyone can copy and paste that. In this case, since this is a short answer prompt, I doubt anyone would take it, but still. Beware. Your response to the prompt is interesting because you choose the less obvious answer of saying something that you didn't physically create (although I wouldn't doubt that many others have taken the same approach). I am pretty sure you are allowed up to 700 characters (or maybe 1000...each prompt is different) for this question, so you have room to expand on why your bond is so important to you. Why is being an ideal sister and daughter your priority? Your response should try to be a little more specific. Good luck with the rest of it.
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