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Chance Me Brown ED??--circumstantial low gpa but high test scores/ well established ECs

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Intended Majors: Environmental Policy/English (Ultimate Field: Science Journalism)
State (if domestic applicant): NY
School Type: VERY Competitive/Difficult
Ethnicity: Indian/Hispanic
Gender: F
Income Bracket: not applying for financial aid

UW: 3.65 (3.34--> 3.73--> 3.93) // W: 5.2
- I know my cum. GPA is horrible but I the week before HS started my aunt, basically my second mother passed away from cancer and it really hit me hard especially as a young kid. I struggled but I like to think I pulled through in the end. I show a great upward trend which is contrary to A LOT of kids who actually got low 3.7s/3.8s their junior year. I'm one of 20-30 kids taking the most rigorous curriculum you can which is evident in my weighted GPA.
Ranking: Def around top 15% for sure; they dont tell u

AP Scores: APUSH (4), AP Lang (5), WHAP (4), Calc BC (3); AB Subscore (4) <-- they only offer Calc AB at my school (should i report this?)
ACT : C:35(34, 36, 36, 34)-- first try
SAT II: Math 2: 800; Chem: 770

Senior Year Course Load: AP Lit, AP Chem, AP Physics C, Applied Calc, AP French; Largest load you can take (i quit history to take more science courses since that is more geared toward my major and something I'm genuinely interested in)

Major Awards:
-Statewide Chemistry Environmental Research Competition @ Chemistry Olympics: First Place
-Statewide/National Princeton University Environmental Research Competition: Second Place
-General Assembly Award from State Rep for environmental work I did for my state
-First Place in several International Music Comp for piano
-Honorable Mention in New York Times Writing Contest
-AP Scholar w/ Distinction

-Executive Editor of International Literary Magazine
-Founded an online Environmental Newspaper which has over 3000+ "subscribed" to newsletter/ that read each of our articles (have had a few articles I've written on current events published in the National High School Journal of Science)
-Chemistry Club (VP)
-Astronomy Club (VP)
-Founder/Director of environmental non-profit that works to make my town more eco-friendly/sustainable (i have the full support/funding from the Board of Ed/Mayor;; also won an international Grant for the project)
-Piano (12 years); p advanced lol
-President of District-Wide student-run environmental club (we hold assemblies to our elementary schools and explain global warming/what they can do to help; we're backed by the Green Team Council)
-Editor of a National Science Journal
-NASA Journalism Intern over the summer
-Volunteering at Science Museum (over 200 hours; might actually get a job there later)
-English NHS, French NHS, Math NHS, Social Studies NHS

Teacher Recommendations: AP English Teacher: prob 8-9/10 & Chem Teacher: 8-9/10; she loves me/runs Chem Club too
Counselor Rec: she has to write a lot of recs but i went to her when I was dealing w/ grieving and stuff so she knows me better than the other kids 6-7/10
Additional Rec: Gonna get it from Board of Ed VP who loves me and was previously an English teacher; i think its unique? prob 8/10

Why Brown: I have very interdisciplinary interests and I think I emphasize that Brown truly allows me to express those interests more freely than any other university

Hooks: 50% Hispanic (?), took a Summer Course there, went through really hard time freshmen year, single parent (had to take on lots of sibling responsibilities since my dad died also when i was 7)

Thanks again for taking the time to help me :)))
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Replies to: Chance Me Brown ED??--circumstantial low gpa but high test scores/ well established ECs

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    I think u have a really good shot at brown. but to be honest, brown is a reach for everyone since it has such a low acceptance rate. But if u write an amazing essay I really think u can get in. It also helps if u apply ED since they take more students! Good luck!! :)
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