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Difference between CAP and First Year Seminar

shaqdaddyshaqdaddy Registered User Posts: 117 Junior Member
edited July 2007 in Brown University
What is each of them? Are they the same thing? I'm a Brown 2011 and I have to register for one of them by like July 1 wherein the instructor of the course is also my year-long academic advisor. Which one is that?

And what is the other one?
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Replies to: Difference between CAP and First Year Seminar

  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    CAP your professor is your advisor, FYS that's not the case. CAPs are not limited to a certain number of students (or at least not by design) or limited to first year students-- it just so happens that six-ten kids in the class also have that professor as their advisor. FYS are always less than 20 (or is it 18) and only have first years in them.
  • AudiB4AudiB4 Registered User Posts: 495 Member
    I also wanted to add that do not think that you must keep the same advisor all 4 years. My son took a CAP last year (he is going into his soph year in the fall) and had an advisor but will be switching to a new advisor because he has made a better connection with another professor who is more aligned with his own interests. He feels he can be better advised by the new advisor. He also took a FYS and felt he could ask that prof for advice also. From his feeling, most profs are very open and nice to offering their help as are the mickeljohns. His CAP class had under 15 kids and his FYS had like 18.
  • shaqdaddyshaqdaddy Registered User Posts: 117 Junior Member
    Ok, so are these the CAP courses? Then where do I get information about the FYS's? What is the last date to register for those? Do most Brown freshman in their first semester take both a CAP and an FYS? I'm definietly taking Gen. Chem, Multivariable Calc, and an Intro to Economics course, leaving me with only one more course spot. Should I take an CAP or an FYS? Where do I get info on FYS's? THank you sooo much for answering my questions; I'm just really confused right now.

    Curricular Advising Program
    Click on the course titles below to view the details page for each course. When you are prepared to make your course selections, go to the CAP course selection form.

    AFRI0160-01 Twentieth-Century Africa
    AFRI0210-01 Blacks in Latin American History and Society
    AFRI1110-01 Voices Beneath The Veil

    AMCV1700C-01 Slavery in American History, Culture and Memory

    ANTH0300-01 Culture and Health

    BIOL0170-01 Biotechnology in Medicine
    BIOL0190E-01 Botanical Roots of Modern Medicine
    BIOL0190H-06 Plants, Food, and People
    BIOL0320-L01 Vertebrate Embryology

    CLAS0560-01 War and Society in the Ancient World
    CLAS0660-01 The World of Byzantium
    CLAS1120G-01 The Idea of Self
    CLAS1210-01 The History of Greece from Archaic Times to the Death of Alexander

    COGS0010-01 Approaches to the Mind: Introduction to Cognitive Science
    COGS0100A-01 Computing as Done in Brains and Computers
    COGS0100B-01 Introduction to Music Cognition
    COGS0320-01 The Biology and Evolution of Language
    COGS0420-01 Human Cognition

    COLT0510F-01 Che Guevara: The Man and the Myths
    COLT0610A-01 The Far Side of the Old World: Perspectives on Chinese Culture

    CSCI0020-01 Concepts and Challenges of Computer Science
    CSCI0150-01 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Computer Science
    CSCI0190-01 Programming with Data Structures and Algorithms

    ECON0110-01 Principles of Economics
    ECON0180B-01 Welfare State in America

    EDUC0400-01 The Campus on Fire: American Colleges and Universities in the 1960's
    EDUC0800-01 Introduction to Human Development and Education
    EDUC1510-01 Critical Pedagogy and White Privilege: Crossing Boundaries in Urban Education

    EGYT1310-01 Introduction to Classical Hieroglyphic Egyptian Writing and Language

    ENGL0110-01 Critical Reading and Writing I: The Academic Essay
    ENGL0110-08 Critical Reading and Writing: The Academic Essay
    ENGL0130-01 Critical Reading and Writing II: The Research Essay
    ENGL0210A-01 Roots of English Literature to 1600
    ENGL0410G-01 Literature and Revolutions 1640-1840
    ENGL0450A-01 Hawthorne and James
    ENGL0450D-01 The Simple Art of Murder
    ENGL0600E-01 British Romanticism

    ENVS0110-01 Environmental Issues: Policy and Sciences

    FREN0100-01 Basic French
    FREN0720A-01 From Courtly Love to Postmodern Desire

    GEOL0050-01 Mars, Moon, and the Earth
    GEOL0220-01 Physical Processes in Geology
    GEOL0810-01 Planetary Geology

    GRMN0300-01 Intermediate German I

    HIAA0040-01 Introduction to Chinese Art and Culture

    HISP0300-01 Intermediate Spanish I
    HISP0300-04 Intermediate Spanish I
    HISP0400-02 Intermediate Spanish II
    HISP0600-01 Advanced Composition
    HISP1290A-01 "Reds and Fascists" Spanish Literature Under Dictatorship and Exile (1939-1975)

    HIST0010-01 Europe From Rome to the Eighteenth Century
    HIST0510-01 American History to 1877
    HIST0970T-01 The Measure of All Things
    HIST0970X-01 Gandhi's Way
    HIST1080-01 Slavery in the Ancient World
    HIST1740-01 Civil War and Reconstruction

    HNDI0100-01 Beginning Hindi and Urdu

    ITAL1010-01 Dante In English Translation

    JAPN0100-03 Basic Japanese

    JUDS0020-01 The Jews: History, Culture, and Religion (Bible to Middle Ages)
    JUDS0100-01 Studying Jewish Life: Anthropological Perspectives
    JUDS0350-01 Jewish Fiction
    JUDS0470-01 The Hebrew Bible and the History of Ancient Israel
    JUDS0640-01 History of the Holocaust

    LATN1010-01 Latin Lyric: Cattulus and Horace

    MATH0070-01 Calculus with Applications to Social Science
    MATH0350-02 Honors Calculus

    MCM0260-01 Cinematic Coding and Narrativity
    MCM0750-01 Digital Art

    MGRK0100-01 Introduction to Modern Greek

    MUSC0200-01 Intro to Electroacoustic Music
    MUSC0400-01 Intro to Music Theory

    NEUR0010-01 The Brain: An Introduction to Neuroscience

    PHIL0210-01 Science, Perception and Reality
    PHIL0250-01 The Meaning of Life
    PHIL0350-01 Ancient Philosophy
    PHIL0360-01 Early Modern Philosophy
    PHIL0540-01 Logic

    PHP0070-01 Cost Versus Care: The Dilemma for American Medicine
    PHP0310-01 Health and Society - Health Care in the United States

    PHYS0050-01 Foundations of Mechanics
    PHYS0060-01 Foundations of Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
    PHYS0070-01 Analytic Mechanics
    PHYS0080-01 Introduction to Relativity and Quantum Physics

    POBS0110-01 Intensive Portuguese
    POBS1600K-01 On The Dawn of Modernity

    POLS0110-01 Intro to Political Thought
    POLS0400-01 Intro to International Politics

    PPAI0700D-01 Religion and Public Policy

    PSYC0210-01 Social Psychology
    PSYC0300-01 Personality

    RELS0120-01 The Foundations of Chinese Religions: Mystics, Moralists and Diviners
    RELS0140-01 Introduction to Indian Religions

    RUSS0110-01 Intensive Russian
    RUSS1050-01 Russian Culture: From Peter the Great to Putin
    RUSS1290-01 Russian Literature in Translation I: Pushkin to Dostoevsky

    SANS0100-01 Elementary Sanskrit

    TSDA0310-01 Beginning Modern Dance
    TSDA0320-01 Dance Composition

    UNIV0140-01 Insights Into Chemistry: A Historical Perspective
    UNIV0440-01 Recovering the Past
  • MattyBMattyB Registered User Posts: 409 Member
    don't get confused - some CAP courses are actually FYS courses as well. My FYS was my CAP course, and conversely, when I took a FYS second semester, it was not my CAP course personally, but it was some other people's CAP course. Just to clear that up - CAP and FYS may or may not be the same courses. Some of the largest courses on campus (EC11 - ~600 people) is a CAP, but certainly not a FYS!!!
  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    To get a list of first year seminars just restrict your Banner search to FYS courses...
  • skiier26skiier26 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Do you happen to know the benefits of enrolling in the UCAAP program? I'm nervous that my advisor through UCAAP will not be an advisor that has a large amount of knowledge within my concentration. Should I be worried about that or no?
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