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For those who attend Brown: Do you consider it a "party" school?


Replies to: For those who attend Brown: Do you consider it a "party" school?

  • ObstinateObstinate Registered User Posts: 1,873 Senior Member
    It's just a belief I've held on to throughout my life. That, and having asthma for a greater part of my earlier life. I would just prefer to be able to head to my dorm without being in the essence of the stuff. Especially after raeding this article:
    Brown?s Drinking Problem: When Abstention Breeds Ostracism | The Brown University Spectator
  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    Quite honestly, and I say this from talking to 3 different students who have lived sub-free freshman year--

    Most people think the sub-free housing community is extremely crappy, immature, etc, and that they were better off being in general housing and just not using drugs or alcohol.

    That comes from experiences across several years amongst different communities, etc.

    And the reason why sub-free people don't get housing choice is because there are too few to take over most spaces, and since that community is defined by separation, there are only so many places where 14 is actually a separation.

    The type of people who go into a community that has to be labeled as substance free are just different than the general population at Brown-- which includes MANY people who rarely or never drink. I know great people who lived in subfree housing, but they were generally outcasts of that community entirely because they wanted to be more integrated with other students at Brown, did not want to limit their lives to sub-free housing events, and had no interest in making the Brown community (or their own) subfree, they just wanted to live separate from those things.
  • Penguins&OttersPenguins&Otters Registered User Posts: 102 Junior Member
    How prevalent are drugs besides alcohol?
  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    Pot is pretty widespread. Here and there I've heard about people doing shrooms. Minus that there's little to nothing else going on that you'd find unless you were seeking it. And even the shrooms was just one friend of mine...
  • RaboKarabekianRaboKarabekian Registered User Posts: 2,820 Senior Member
    Obstinate: first, you should always take anything in the Spectator with a grain of salt. It's usually overly inflammatory, and as someone who has been interviewed for articles in the Spectator, as with a lot of student publications on campus, quotes are often taken out of context, or background issues are poorly researched.

    As far as the partying goes, it really depends on how self-confident you are. About 50% of my housemates don't drink by choice, and it's never a problem with them because they are secure enough to say "no, thanks" if someone offers them a drink. If you're someone who caves to peer pressure on a regular basis and wants to avoid drugs and alcohol because you can't trust yourself not to give into temptation, then you probably should reconsider Brown (or any mainstream college for that matter). Otherwise, after that initial offer (which IMO is a courtesy more than anything else), no one will pressure you to drink.
  • ObstinateObstinate Registered User Posts: 1,873 Senior Member
    Yeah, I'm pretty secure about myself. Makes sense. Thanks!
  • Hope FullHope Full Registered User Posts: 245 Junior Member
    RaboKarabekian and Old College Try:

    One of you board mailed me and said that my position was sanctimonious. Another of you assumed that my initial question reflected a fear of "not trusting myself not to give into temptation." You both concluded that "perhaps I should reconsider Brown." Isn’t this conclusion the epitome of sanctimony? It is certainly mean spirited.

    My distaste for the party atmosphere is based on my belief that drugs and alcohol poison both the body and soul. I've been around people who use drugs and alcohol and it saddens me that anyone -- let alone someone bright enough to attend Brown -- would choose to damage their bodies by drinking and taking drugs. Because it saddens me, I prefer not to be around those who party. It has nothing to do with "being secure with myself" or "fearing temptation."

    One last question. Isn’t the legal age for drinking alcohol 21 years of age? And aren’t drugs illegal? Why does the Brown administration (or any other college administration) turn a blind eye to illegal activities on campus? That makes no sense to me.
  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    Hope-- that's your decision. It's very hard for us to say much about how you're going to interact here, and more importantly, I've personally seen that this sort of thing changes drastically as students get older. People who were nuts about partying in high school are sometimes the most serious students and the most serious students in high school end up being crazy partiers. None of them would believe that they would change the way they feel about these things but it definitely happens.

    People will be drinking. It's impossible to avoid the fact that people will be drinking-- but plenty of people will not be, plenty can be done without drinking, nothing you do when drikning can't be done sober, etc etc.

    There's a huge social scene that doesn't at all have to do with alcohol, but you're going to see people in your dorm, around campus, etc, drinking.

    If you want to be somewhere you won't even encounter someone taking part in this stuff then you're going to have to look at the religious schools. If you just want to make sure you won't feel left out or shut out of social life if you don't personally want ot drink, then Brown, and many many places, will be just fine.
  • DartmooseDartmoose Registered User Posts: 552 Member
    Just my two cents:

    In addition to your opposition to drinking/drugs that you have expressed, I think your religiousness (and also political conservatism?) would probably not make you a great fit for Brown. Correct me if I am wrong, but most Brown students are not extremely religious, and many do chose to drink/smoke and are very very liberal. (I'm not implying causation, it just seems to happen that way.)
  • wolfmanjackwolfmanjack Registered User Posts: 1,167 Senior Member
    A) You can drink a couple of beers and feel just fine. I like beer, well good beer at least, and when I drink it I usually drink it because it tastes good not because I want to get smashed. That's what vodka is for.

    B) To those of you against drinking I'm curious how much you have drank in your life.
  • GabbaGabbaHeyGabbaGabbaHey Registered User Posts: 186 Junior Member
    Curious side qustion: Do incoming freshmen fill out a questionaire for housing that eplicitly asks about alcohol and drug use... either personal use, or tolerance to others doing it? I am wondering how does an incoming frosh who is not a drinker or partier, but who has no issue being near/around drinking or partying in a loose social sense, can assure that they don't end up living with smoker who wants to make their double into party central? Or does this fall into the category of "hey it's college -- part of the experience".

    Edit: By the way, before anybody starts in about looking it up: I got this far on the Brown website https://reslife.brown.edu/forms/new_student_questionnaire/index.html but the questionaire itself is apparently not up at the moment.
  • The_Chronic_420The_Chronic_420 Registered User Posts: 167 Junior Member
    Well let's all remember what's been taught to us...

    "HeyyyeyyyeEYEYyyyEYYYY... smoke weed everyday!"
    -Book of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre 4:20
  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    There is a questionnaire Gabba that I seem to remember addressed those things (3.5 years ago now so hard to remember exactly what was on there).

    It was stuff like, are you clean or messy, do you smoke, would you live with someone who did, etc.
  • GabbaGabbaHeyGabbaGabbaHey Registered User Posts: 186 Junior Member
    Thanks modest.
  • BrownParentBrownParent Registered User Posts: 12,776 Senior Member
    My daughter chose sub free dorms for freshman year, just so as to not get stuck in a 'party central' situation. She doesn't have religious beliefs. The freshman sub free was in Perkins Hall freshman dorm, rooms are doubles. It was fine, but she didn't particularly click with the people on that floor. So she spent a lot of time hanging out with people on the floor above. Some of the sub-free kids did get along well and went on to pair up for rooms in another subfree dorm for sophmores and on.

    Next year it was a suite with a shared common room, she liked that much better. I think after the first year she saw that it is easy to control who she was around. Then moved off campus the following years. Even her summer sublets didn't have any partier problem. Last year she was with swim team members in training.
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