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Bad Idea to Put Biology as Intended Major?

whateverbrowhateverbro 8 replies7 threads New Member
edited June 23 in Bucknell University
If I think I have a bad chance at getting in, would it have been smarter to pick an obscurer major possibly? Obviously it is too late now but I was just wondering what people think? Is a more popular major much harder to get accepted into?
My GPA is mad weak, good recs, 1520/1600 SATS, 720 Reading, 800 Math, Good Recs and extracurricular activities.
edited June 23
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Replies to: Bad Idea to Put Biology as Intended Major?

  • BucknellBubblyBucknellBubbly 44 replies0 threads Junior Member
    It's a bad idea to purposefully put down something you don't intend to major in.
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  • jpr4513jpr4513 166 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Different majors at Bucknell have different acceptance rates and biology is the hardest
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  • whateverbrowhateverbro 8 replies7 threads New Member
    Well obviously I would put down something I would like to major in, such as animal behavior, which is something I would be extremely happy to major in, however, Biology, which I am just as eager to major in, seemed like the better choice. For me, I am more undecided. Of course putting down an obscure major that I Do not want to major in would not be right.
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  • aberdeenaberdeen 105 replies1 threads Junior Member
    You really do not need to declare anything. How do you know what major will be right for you as an incoming freshman? I am a junior Biology major, (Pre-Med) and I can tell you that you don't need to declare a major the moment you step on campus. While I knew I was probably going to major in Biology--I did not have to declare my major until the very end of sophomore year. Bucknell is the type of place where you can take a number of courses early on and not feel as if you have to track immediately into a major--unless you're pretty serious about going into Engineering. Relax--there will be plenty of time to put in lots and lots of hours in the lab--bottom line--I think I have received a very broad based background as a biologist--and while it's probably one of the hardest majors on campus--it's also one of the finest.
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  • minoadocminoadoc 13 replies10 threads New Member
    At my daughters visit to Bucknell, the speaker implied that it does make a difference as to what intended major you put down. It caught me by suprise at the time, but if you think about it, even though students can and do change intended majors, the school has departments they have to supply students to. I interview for another college, and I'm always suprised when the interviewee tells me they have an interest in something other than being pre-med, with a bio/chem intended major
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