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Academically Disqualified from UC -- Transferring to CSU

bendystrawbendystraw 42 replies10 threads Junior Member
Hi all, So I have a kind of specific question, but was hoping maybe someone has been in or has seen a similar situation to mine. In fall 2012, I was academically disqualified from UCSD for reasons I won't bore you with. Left with a 2.643, a previous 3.11 from community college, and have been taking classes at a CC (with a semester that will probably end in straight A's) since I moved back here. Now I'm looking to apply to Sac State as a CS major for fall 2013. Admissions told me I qualify for application since technically the "last" school I'll have attended will be a CC, and I'm in good standing with them.

I know I'll have to explain why I'm ineligible for re-enrollment at UCSD in my application, but just how badly will this hurt my chances? Have you ever seen someone admitted who had been previously disqualified? I know my GPA's aren't great, so I am pretty worried about my chances. I believe my overall transfer GPA will be somewhere around a 3.0 (with UCSD and CC combined) by the time I transfer.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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Replies to: Academically Disqualified from UC -- Transferring to CSU

  • NCalRentNCalRent 6537 replies14 threads Senior Member
    Fall 2013 applications were due to Sac State by 11/30/12. I'm afraid you missed the window.

    Unless you left UCSD with a criminal record, for Spring 14, I don't think you'll have a problem. They've seen it a million times. Since you are local, set up an appointment with an admission counselor and meet with them face to face. Bring your transcripts and lay it on the table. You'll have a couple of semesters of solid grades under your belt. If they ask, and they may not, tell them you were young and foolish, you've matured and are now really ready for college.
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  • bendystrawbendystraw 42 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I hope for my sake you're right. I'll definitely take your advice on speaking with the counselors directly. I plan on applying for next fall -- I'm all signed up for classes at my community college for this fall. Hopefully I can bring up my GPA before I apply.
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  • op9no2op9no2 168 replies114 threads Junior Member
    hey, i was a CS major at UCSD as well. i was disqualified like you for stupid reasons and had to go to CC for two years. i am just now in the process of transferring out. i finished CC with almost a 4.0 in honors, compared to a terrible GPA at ucsd.

    it was difficult to get into any UCs, in fact, i got into some UCs but after they found out i was not in good standing at previous UCs they said i might get rescinded.

    i got accepted to CSUs however and will be attending one this fall. good luck, just keep your grades up and you should be fine to transfer. i know you feel like it is impossible to transfer to a university, but it is not that hard really.
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  • bendystrawbendystraw 42 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Thank you so much. Your post has really given me hope! I will keep taking classes and apply at the end of this year. :)
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  • clash4cityrockerclash4cityrocker 7 replies1 threads New Member
    Hey I'm in the same boat and plan on transferring from my cc to a csu for fall 2016. Can you update is with what happened? Thanks!
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