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Please help - Accepted transfer student & accidentally omitted a transcript

commecicommecacommecicommeca 0 replies1 threads New Member
I was accepted to Cal State Long Beach as a transfer student for fall 2018. I submitted transcripts from my three previous community colleges (going back to the very first one I attended out of high school about 22 years ago) & I just realized that I forgot about a fourth community college that I attended about 8 years ago. So I failed to include those grades in my application & supply the transcript to the school. Admissions is closed at the moment so I can't contact them until Monday.

I've just placed the transcript order & will contact admissions on Monday. The grades from this school would not negatively impact my GPA so I had no reason to leave them out but I assume that doesn't matter.

Has anyone dealt with this situation before? Am I automatically disqualified?
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Replies to: Please help - Accepted transfer student & accidentally omitted a transcript

  • cloewatercloewater 48 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I don't think you should worry too much. I'm not a transfer student but when I applied to Long Beach, I had forgotten a grade from my Junior year and I only learned of it 3 months later after I applied. This grade would have actually helped my application so they could see I had no reason to "accidentally" hide it from them. I just emailed admissions and let them know about my missing grade. They told me to send in my transcript and a couple of other things and everything was resolved easily. I wouldn't stress about it L)
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