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How to "Show Interest" in CWRU


Replies to: How to "Show Interest" in CWRU

  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU Posts: 12,385 Forum Champion
    I really don't know, but if you google "how can someone know if you read their email" you can see some techniques. Also I am sure that it isn't just CWRU doing this!
  • 2muchquan2muchquan Registered User Posts: 2,030 Senior Member
    @jumbletumbles The way that companies or schools 'used to' know if you opened an email is that they would include a link to an image of some sort (may even be 1-pixel by 1-pixel that you can't see) that is unique to YOU. So, every email in effect was unique...contained a uniquely identifiable image. When you open that email, that link is 'triggered' to display the image in your email. The fact that that image is 'served up' from the companies/school's server can be logged, and attributed to YOU. They know that you must have opened the email, because their server is being asked to show you an image. I say that this is the way they 'used to' do it only because there is probably some other technology that is used today, but it would work similarly.

    Keep in mind, that in the above case if you have your email set to NOT display images, then opening the email would not work. Also, keep in mind spammers use the same tactic to verify that an email address is valid, so if you open spam, there is a chance that the spammers now know they have an active email address that they share with their friend spammers.
  • 4kids2graduate4kids2graduate Registered User Posts: 577 Member
    I am posting this on a couple different CWRU threads since we just became aware that showing interest is very important in the admissions decision. Was somewhat confident of son's chances EA, but now very nervous!

    S16 applied EA, but was unaware Case may base much of the admissions decision on "demonstrated interest". Other than applying EA (which to me shows alot of interest) - he has not contacted the school directly. We live 2000 miles away with a limited budget, so visiting prior to acceptance has not been possible.

    Any suggestions this late in the game since EA decisions are due out mid December?
  • jumbletumblesjumbletumbles Registered User Posts: 262 Junior Member
    @4kids2graduate this is obviously too late to help as far as CWRU EA goes, however may be useful for RD. Are you using common data set info to help you through understanding different schools & their requirements & general info? If not, I highly recommend looking at section C7 for any & all schools your son is applying to. Scrolling down to that section, CWRU has indicated "Level of Applicant's Interest" is "Important" in their selection criteria.

    CWRU 2015-2016 CDS here: https://webcms.case.edu/ir/media/caseedu/institutional-research/documents/common-data-set/2015-2016-CDS.pdf

    There are many ways to show interest if finances are constrained for long distance travel as previously posted above by others. If CWRU is truly a top pick, my personal opinion would be that it wouldn't necessarily hurt for him to reach out to your child's regional admissions counselor and make contact now, explaining the financial issue for travel & just reinforce his interest- maybe asking even now if an alumni interview might be advantageous. Might not help, but I can't see it hurting. Well, unless your son isn't very good with phone conversations, of course! Lol. Then perhaps an email. If he gets deferred, he might be able to get an interview request in for RD as well.
    Good Luck!
  • 4kids2graduate4kids2graduate Registered User Posts: 577 Member
    edited December 2015
    @jumbletumbles Thank you for the 11th hour suggestions, I will pass on to my son today.

    It just seems as if this process is a bit too crazy, not just for Case but for most colleges. If you spend 4 years working hard, challenging yourself and taking rigorous courses, working to get great scores on standardized tests, participating in many things that you have a passion for...then actually carving out the time to complete very time consuming college admission applications to the colleges of your choice - it seems that you are showing your "interest" and "dedication" throughout! The fact that you have to do this additional contact for them to feel that you are truly interested is crazy! If students do their "homework" related to the colleges they are applying to, they may not have a need initially to ask more questions or make contact. It seems to me after being accepted is a much more appropriate time to make time to contact, visit, make sure the "details" reinforce that it is a good fit before making that final commitment.

    Parent vent here...sorry!
  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU Posts: 12,385 Forum Champion
    edited December 2015
    Look at the Common Data Set for colleges of interest...it shows you what each college takes into account.

    It won't hurt to request an alumni interview as part of the reason is for you to be able to ask questions of an alumni.
    Also he can make sure he is signed up for info, and he can read some of the emails that are sent.

    If you think about any college (not just CWRU), they want the students that are admitted to attend. If you have shown no interest at all, then it is hard for the college to gauge if you would go there. If you have attended an info session or request an alumni interview or perhaps visited the school, there is a higher chance you will accept admission.

    Also, since there is no application fee, they may be getting more "what the heck" applications.
  • LanaHereLanaHere Registered User Posts: 638 Member
    CWRU- my D's happy place..........and she's doing Engineering. :)
  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU Posts: 12,385 Forum Champion
    Bumping for the class of 2021
  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU Posts: 12,385 Forum Champion
    How to find CWRU at College Fairs in your area: https://go.case.edu/portal/college-fairs
  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU Posts: 12,385 Forum Champion
    Bumping again
  • ColoradomamaColoradomama Registered User Posts: 2,086 Senior Member
    Very informative and useful post @bopper I would add being a sibling helps at Case, I believe in both admissions and possibly in merit based awards??? , although Case seems to be very fair and bases merit on test scores and grades, sometimes sweetening the pot a bit for division 3 athletic ability and willingness to play on the team. Calling coaches is a way to show interest even if the student later decides not to play for that team or only plays one year. Many schools like Carlton College in Minnesota, RPI in NY State and Case use siblings as a criteria under the "interest" category because they know that the family is happy if child number 2 is applying, and they know that the family is familiar with Cleveland already.
  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU Posts: 12,385 Forum Champion
    Alumni/ae relation is "Considered".
  • ProudDad26ProudDad26 Registered User Posts: 164 Junior Member
    There is additional wise advice at Case. Show genuine interest, which this school is worthy of. Show interest by demonstrating that you really want to attend. Case has too often been designated a second choice. It is not a second choice school. Students who attend are comparable to MIT, Berkeley, CMU and Caltech. Once you recognize that, then the choice is not difficult.
  • hebegebehebegebe Registered User Posts: 2,393 Senior Member
    I think it is better to say that you can get a fine education at Case without comparing student bodies to those you listed. While there are some students at Case that are at the same level as say MIT, that is not true for the student body as a whole.
  • AroundHereAroundHere Registered User Posts: 3,591 Senior Member
    @bopper I tried that college fairs list you linked to - it doesn't look like Case is on the road much this fall. Just four college fairs listed. Do you know if they do any fairs or info sessions at other times of the year, or is this a school that just doesn't send people out much?
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