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Should I take this many AP's?

turbosellerturboseller 13 replies8 threads New Member
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Hi, I am currently registering for core classes at my school(for Junior year). I have doubled up in all ways possible leaving me to take 8 AP classes my Junior year. I really do want to take all 8 because... 1)I am flip flopping with someone for being 1st/2nd every semester so this would put me in another league 2)It should be worth it in the long run to take all opportunities presented in Highschool.

As I said, I flip flop for being 1st in class (1/590) so I think I may be able to handle the course load

**We have block schedule so we have only 4 periods a day. This is probably better for my situation...
-AP Spanish (yearlong)
-AP Chem
-AP Physics
-AP Calc (yearlong)
-AP US History
-AP American Lit.

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Replies to: Should I take this many AP's?

  • sherpasherpa 4910 replies98 threads Senior Member
    That's a pretty rigorous load. Most kids couldn't handle it. Since you've been able to maintain a 1 or 2 rank in a class of 590, I expect you can manage it.

    Which Calc and which Physics?

    Good luck.
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  • turbosellerturboseller 13 replies8 threads New Member
    Thanks for the reply.
    I think it is AP Calc AB (I don't think there is BC at my school)
    And I have no idea what physics it is... I haven't taken a previous AP Physics class, only Honors Physics.
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  • BaHannerSplitBaHannerSplit 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Trust me when I say... 8 AP's is way too much. AP US History is a mountain load of work itself. I am a junior taking 4 and it's ridiculous! Take the one's you know can handle.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83386 replies741 threads Senior Member
    Is the physics the B version (non-calculus, probably comparable to an honors high school physics course) or the C version (with calculus)? If the C version, is it both mechanics and E&M, or just mechanics?

    C with both mechanics and E&M is likely to be fairly difficult if you are only taking calculus AB concurrently (most college physics courses for physics and engineering majors assume calculus 1 or AB as a prerequisite, not a co-requisite).
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  • PCHopePCHope 491 replies3 threads Member
    Well, the top junior in our local high school is currently taking the following AP:
    Cal BC, Physics C (mech and em), Chem, Eng Lang, Psy, Comp Sci, Env Sci, US His.

    Yes, it is insane but doable.

    Good luck.
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  • keepingcalm21keepingcalm21 62 replies13 threads Junior Member
    The most I've heard of in a year is 6...that being said if you're the valedictorian you are a pretty smart kid, you could handle it but if you slacked off know that you could easily lose that title.

    The largest number of AP's I've seen a single student take throughout high school is 17, but that student was a legit genius so... YOUR CHOICE!
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  • RoninatorRoninator 75 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Do you do any extra curriculars? If you're trying to balance that with sports/work you might want to drop a couple.
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  • Paola07Paola07 4 replies2 threads New Member
    If you think you can handle all of them they you should, but if you don't think you can then don't do it. You also need to have a life outside of school and AP classes take a lot of time.
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  • turbosellerturboseller 13 replies8 threads New Member
    OK, I am most definitely NOT taking the physics with the calculus and all that EM? stuff. I can understand this would be undoable with a period schedule, but I think it can be done with a block schedule. Here is what I was thinking my schedule would look like... The number next to the class is ranking from 1-10 (10 being most difficult and resulting in a B)

    Fall semester...
    -AP Spanish (Spanish comes really easy to me and it is a joke class) 5
    -AP Calc (Math class I am taking currently is supposedly harder than this (93 ATM)) 7
    -AP American Lit (I think I am a great writer so it won't be bad) 7
    -AP Chem (Hardest science class at school, but I love science) 9

    Spring Semester
    -AP Calc... same
    -AP Spanish... same
    -AP US History (Heard it was pretty hard, will be difficult class) 9
    -AP Physics (Great teacher but is not "easy"/Got a 96 in H Physics) 7
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