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If you fit what the COLLEGE sees fit, you are in, otherwise you are out.

TimeUpJuniorTimeUpJunior 184 replies27 threads Junior Member
When it comes to college application, the word FIT means any or all of the following : school size, location, student political leaning, core or no core requirement, etc. etc... You would think you have good chance of getting in the schools that you spend months researching, schools that you think are the best fit for you.

The reality is that the colleges are also looking for the FIT, and the way they see FIT is quite different from that of the applicants. The elite colleges are looking for fit in the following: Underrepresented race/ethnicity, Exceptional talent, Recruited athlete status, Likelihood of enrolling, Fund-raising potential.

You can read more here https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/04/09/new-research-how-elite-colleges-make-admissions-decisions as recommended by @gibby

Any thoughts on whether this revelation has any effect on how you approach college application?
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Replies to: If you fit what the COLLEGE sees fit, you are in, otherwise you are out.

  • T26E4T26E4 23243 replies1031 threads Senior Member
    Probably a better thread for the general college admissions forum. http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/college-admissions/

    For potential H applicants, people would be foolish to think that just b/c they estimate that they would enjoy/fit into Harvard that it bears ANY correlation to whether H will think they can fit into the tiny admitted pool.

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  • gibbygibby 10540 replies249 threads Senior Member
    I'm not sure what a student can actually do about this because . . .
    To encourage frank answers, colleges were given anonymity.

    . . . So student's don't know which universities focus on fit and which focus on academic merit. And, even if a student knew the answer, how would it effect their presentation? Your GPA is what it is, ditto with your test scores, teacher recommendations and EC's. The only thing an applicant can control is their essay(s), interview and the choice of whether to complete the optional demographic survey (ethnicity questions) included in the Common Application.
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