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Feds uncover admissions test cheating plot


Replies to: Feds uncover admissions test cheating plot

  • epiphanyepiphany 8404 replies170 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 8,574 Senior Member
    So what do these HS students who get extra time for their ACT do when they get to a rigorous college? Ask for extra time on those tests? How about later on in the workplace? When the work isn't done on time, do they bring a doctor's note explaining that they need extra time?

    Do you understand (no) that students grow out of these chemical imbalances like ADHD? They are not lifelong. If it's a different type of disability, or a cluster of supposedly permanent cognitive impairments, then some people, yes, may -- may -- need restrictions on the kinds of jobs they apply for, or they may learn by that time how to work around their various disabilities. Good guidance about LD, when a teenager, actually consists of a combination of accommodation, self-awareness, and self-help. The latter includes the student's own discovery or creation of strategies to help him or her cope with learning difficulties, yet overcome the most challenging aspects of them, and triumph -- building confidence throughout the process.

    I wonder how many skeptical adults and suspicious high school students have evaluated themselves honestly. I will tell you, as one who has hired others in the past, that one of the responsibilities of adulthood is honest self-assessment about one's own limitations. I actually think that might be a surprising good effect of the dreaded interview question, "What are your weaknesses?" While none of us wants to disclose what might eliminate us from a job requiring varied and mixed skills, it's refreshing and really a Plus for the candidate who can admit imperfections. That might be an imperfection to the interviewee, but something the company considers an eventual asset. And anyone who is realistic about his own limitations should be looked on favorably by a company. It's not only a laudable character trait; it's a sign that the potential employee will probably not have a heart attack when criticized or redirected by his boss. Or worse, "go postal."

    Students who have been accommodated in high school and whose paperwork is up to date at the time of college registration are legally entitled to various kinds of accommodations in college, depending on the format of the class, the extent of Student Services available, etc. If their paperwork has expired, they must pay for their own retesting as they enter college. One student I have worked with for several years is about to enter a 4-year college in a couple of months. What i foresee with him is a gradual decline in special services over the 4 years. That is actually because he has been accommodated in high school. It has made him more self-confident and self-aware, not less so.
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  • hebegebehebegebe 2647 replies37 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,684 Senior Member
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    My daughter gets extra time on standardized tests and college exams. ... People's assumption that those with learning disorders are stupid and slow is a little obnoxious.
    There are two separate issues being discussed here.

    First, is whether the system is being abused so that, in addition to the legitimate cases it was meant for, there are a vast number of people that are using it to get an unfair advantage for their children. The recent WSJ article said that about 1/3rd of the kids in the wealthy town of Newton, MA were getting accommodations (and this is in a public school). That is just outright abuse of the system.

    The second is whether an LD makes someone less capable in the future. Strictly speaking, the answer is yes, but only in the same way that someone not physically fit is incapable of of some jobs, like being a Marine. But practically speaking, the answer is no, as the vast majority of jobs are still open to them.
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  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn 37373 replies2040 discussionsSuper Moderator Posts: 39,413 Super Moderator
    MODERATOR'S NOTE: Feel free to start a separate thread about LDs and extra time. This thread has drifted off topic.
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