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Advice about my gradesss ughh

sciencenerd234sciencenerd234 5 replies5 threads New Member

So during my freshman year I took physics, and I ended with a c, and now as a sophomore, I'm taking AP Chem, and I did really bad, but I had a lot of stuff this year. My grandpa had a brain stroke, so my dad had to go to him, and my mom works so I was responsible for taking care of my brother, and like other stuff, so I ended the first semester with a 61 but the second semester is almost over, and I know I'm going to end with a B, so idk I need some advice about colleges and how they will see this.

Thanks, sciencenerd
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Replies to: Advice about my gradesss ughh

  • VickiSoCalVickiSoCal 3484 replies34 threads Senior Member
    Is this a typical course sequence for your high school?
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14468 replies104 threads Forum Champion
    Normally students take Bio, CHem, Physics and then an AP version. What does your school do ? is it normal to take Physics freshman year? AP chem sophomore year?

    1) Go with the normal science sequence at your school. Do you have the math skills for Physics? Apparently not.
    2) Don't take AP classes before you are ready..e.g., take Bio and Chem before you take AP Bio and AP Chem. You are essentially taking a college course as a HS sophomore with no previous chem experience.
    3) Let your Guidance Counselor know what is going on...when you are a senior and they are writing your recommendation that you were helping more with your family.
    4) Take classes you can do well in next semester. Get extra help if you need it (tutors, etc) Get good grades. Show you are doing well in harder classes.
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  • HKimPOSSIBLEHKimPOSSIBLE 571 replies28 threads Member
    I see a lot of things that could've gone wrong with your course load. AP sciences should ONLY be taken once you have taken the introductory classes (preferably some sort of honors/high honors level class).

    I'm also sorry for your loss.

    As for how colleges will see that, I'm not too sure these things may justify the lower scores - I don't mean to say this to discourage you (and quite possibly I may be wrong because I am only a student myself), but colleges aren't going to be emotional with you and have empathy - and I'm not sure if that's just me, but that's how I see colleges.

    Now a good way to get through this is to keep that upward trend (as you said, a 61% to a B 2nd semester), AND also start talking with your high school counselor about this - they can write this situation for you in their recommendation letter which will let colleges know your circumstances. Good luck
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30251 replies59 threads Senior Member
    I’m sorry about all you and your family have been enduring. It’s a tough go when these things happen and so much lands on you. Make sure you let your GC know this when the time comes for him to write your college recommendations . It’s something that works better when it comes from someone else.

    For now, you focus on your school work and test prep. There are colleges that take all kinds of students, so you will find something. Financial constraints are often a big issue so you might want to become aware of what your family is willing and able to pay as well as what they will likely be expected to pay.
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  • sciencenerd234sciencenerd234 5 replies5 threads New Member
    yes it is. our school makes us take physics first then chem then bio and during senior year we can choose.
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  • sciencenerd234sciencenerd234 5 replies5 threads New Member
    I got a 1590 on my SAT, will that somehow make it up?!?
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  • squ1rrelsqu1rrel 415 replies31 threads Member
    You can't really make up grades with an SAT score...they are different categories. That being said, the SAT score will certainly help you.
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  • mathhappymathhappy 115 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Find out if your school has a grade replacement policy. In some schools, you can retake a course in which you got a bad grade over the summer or in the next school year and have the grade you get on the second try count for the GPA and such (although the definition of a “bad grade” will differ among schools, it may not completely replace the original grade, etc)
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 30584 replies194 threads Senior Member
    Where do you get the notion that a B is a bad grade? In an AP science class no less. That you are taking as a sophomore in high school. Many students would not take AP Chem until senior year.

    Yes that C in Physics when you were a freshman isn't as good a grade as you might like, but it still is passing. You have had a lot on your plate. Don't waste one more precious second of your life worrying about these two grades. Focus on what you will do in your future scince classes, and on good ways to get help when you feel overwhelmed by things happening in your life outside of achool.
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