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Should I take AP bio junior or senior year?

varun4590varun4590 2 replies3 threads New Member
For my school, you have to take Honors Bio 2 and 3 in order to move on to AP Bio. However, since I had to get a heart transplant during my sophomore year, I had missed a lot of classes in Honors biology 2 and ended up with a D.Me and my counselor were going to initially audit it but it was too late. I can retake it for a better grade. Next year I will be a junior. All my friends are taking AP Biology. Should I take honors Biology 2 and 3 again during my junior year or should I just take AP Bio during junior year and wait until Senior year to take Honors bio 2 and 3 again? P.S my counselor said that Honors bio 2 and 3 doesn't relate to anything in AP Bio.
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Replies to: Should I take AP bio junior or senior year?

  • racereerracereer 410 replies1 threads Member
    Have you considered leaving the honors bio classes as is, take AP Bio next year, and a different AP science senior year? With the plan that your guidance counselor explain your medical issues with your transcripts . Not sure where you are planning to apply or major in, but that may be looked upon more favorably by colleges assuming you do well in the classes. If you do well in AP Bio that will just reinforce that your poor grade was due to medical issues and challenging yourself with more rigorous classes will stand out.
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  • happy1happy1 24019 replies2407 threads Super Moderator
    edited April 12
    I'd probably retake the class, especially if you can get the D grade replaced and you can take the AP class senior year. As I mentioned on another post, I'd talk to your guidance counselor (or even principal) and see if the school can do something like switch the class to P/F given the serious health issue you faced during the year.

    Be sure you complete a sequence of bio, chem and physics in HS.
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  • melon24melon24 32 replies6 threads Junior Member
    ^^Yeah I'd see if there's any way you can get an alternative grade, like P/F or no record. Here are my thoughts about what class to take next year. If you take Honors Bio 2 and 3 next year, the content may be fresher in your mind, so you'll have an easier time passing. At the same time, if you take AP Bio and do well, it'll show colleges that you are capable of succeeding academically in that subject, but you just weren't able to in Honors due to your time off. So if you succeed in AP bio, i feel like you don't need to retake honors because you'll already have shown colleges that you're capable in biology. Just my two cents
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