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Would a class or two taken during a gap year make student a transfer applicant?

parentologistparentologist 216 replies21 threads Junior Member
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We're trying to plan for the coming year for my kid who would be a high school senior. We had to send him to live with his older brother 2000 miles away because of coronavirus (household member on cancer treatment). Kid only has a year of English and a year of US History, plus a semester of gym left to complete high school. I'm strongly considering leaving him with brother, having him take a premed class like General Chemistry at the local flagship U, do CLEP for the English and History, and continue to study music at that flagship U, or continue at Juilliard precollege if it's online. I am convinced there is no way that schools are going to be able to stay open next year. At the first sign of coronavirus in school or on campus, they're gonna move right back to online, which has been less than satisfactory at high school and college level.

I'm worried about making him into a transfer applicant, rather than a traditional applicant. He already has three full year courses from high school on our state flagship U's transcript, plus an AP, but those don't make one a transfer admit, even if you have two years' credit. Would one year long science class at another state's flagship, while doing online to finish up high school, turn one into a transfer applicant?
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Replies to: Would a class or two taken during a gap year make student a transfer applicant?

  • powercropperpowercropper 1795 replies77 threads Senior Member
    If you can register as a high school student, then most colleges treat that as a dual enrollment course, and will still treat student as a Freshman for enrollment purposes.

    Very important to check with potential colleges to see how each one handles it.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30405 replies59 threads Senior Member
    edited May 31
    It depends upon the college. You have to check very carefully with the schools on your list what their criteria are for freshman and transfer student statuses

    Be aware that even if you are permitted to apply as a freshman, that all college courses attempted must be reported with grades and transcripts provided to most colleges.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83478 replies741 threads Senior Member
    For most colleges, it is taking college courses after high school graduation or otherwise leaving high school that may cause the student to be seen as a transfer student. Check each college's rules to be sure.
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  • parentologistparentologist 216 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, I'm not worried about the grades and the transcripts - he has nothing to hide. From what you're saying, as long as he hasn't yet been graduated, it's not an issue. So hard to plan during this time. If I trusted that school would run normally, our local high school has SO much to offer in terms of fantastic AP classes - but I fully expect that they either won't even open, or will be back online by October, for the rest of the year. Trying to figure out a worthwhile, stable year for him.
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