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Should I drop this Class? Advice Please

e30dreamere30dreamer 2 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
Hello, I am currently in need of advice. I am taking 15 Units this semester at a local CC: Physiology lecture/lab, Pharmacology, Political Science, and Japanese 1. I am planning to transfer to a CSU and need one more humanities class. It turns out when I enrolled and took Japanese 1 that it does not count as one of my humanities. Ive talked to counselors as well as the head of communications of my school all stating that it would not amount to anything but credits. My plan is to drop the class already midway of semester and sign up for music 111 which is still available. There are no repercussions if I drop since I do not obtain financial aid, but have a scholarship that pays my tuition. Music 111 will count as one of my humanities and finish my requirements to apply to a CSU.

My question is...Im applying this spring to a CSU and CC. I still need to take Microbiology and Chemistry which I'm planning to take this fall. While this summer, I plan to take up an internship. Would that one W affect my chances since it is an elective class? Should I just power through Japanese then take another humanities class during summer(scholarship does not cover summer)? I enjoy the class but feel that I should focus on classes that do matter as of now. Thanks.
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 27846 replies155 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    What does your CC advisor say? I would take the W and enroll in your Humanities class. One W should not be an issue.
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  • e30dreamere30dreamer 2 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
    My advisors said that i can go with the route of dropping the class, which I am leaning on. As long as I don’t drop anymore. I’m just pretty bummed out that I spent 5 weeks in one class and just discovered that it never counted.
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  • bopperbopper 14080 replies100 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
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    You are not dropping a class, you are withdrawing. Dropping is done within the first two weeks of class and does not show the class on your transcript. Withdrawing happens before the last 2/3rds or so of the semester and shows as a W on your transcript.

    General Things to consider when thinking about Withdrawing from a class:
    1) TALK TO YOUR ADVISER before you make any decisions

    2) Will taking a W move you from full time to part time? Full time is usually 12 credits (check your college). If you are part time you are not eligible for financial aid or living in dorms.

    3) Is this class needed for your major? If you don't take it now, will you have to take it again? Will it cause you to fall behind in keeping up with your major classes?

    4) Why are you getting a bad grade? What happens the next time you get a bad grade? W again? One W is okay, but a pattern shows that you have difficulty with college.

    5) Will Withdrawing from a course make it difficult to graduate on time? Will you need to make it up in summer $$ or do you have extra credits from HS?

    6) Can you raise your grade? Check this post for ideas
    7) If this course is in your major, is this the right major for you? If you are pre-med but are getting a bad grade in Biology, maybe this is not the major for you. If you are getting a bad grade in an elective, that is another story.

    8) Sometimes W's are necessary. My daughter was in the hospital for a week early in the semester...she Withdrew from a course because she would not be able to catch up on all her courses if she kept all the classes. A W here or there is no problem, but a pattern of them looks like you have trouble with college work. Sometimes dropping a time consuming class will help you be able to focus and do better on the others.
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  • SuperGeo5999SuperGeo5999 646 replies42 threadsRegistered User Member
    are you on financial aid? if so, make sure that you don't drop bellow the schools credit completion requirement.
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  • Leah4883Leah4883 3 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    i would say drop it as long as it doesn't affect financial aid, you should focus on what puts you in best positiion to succeed and hopefully that aligns with admissions
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