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Taking my first Grad course next semester.

NASA2014NASA2014 2332 replies129 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
Any suggestions on how to do well? Will be a junior next in the Fall

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Replies to: Taking my first Grad course next semester.

  • zettasyntaxzettasyntax 1480 replies14 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    It definitely varies, but the grad course I took was soooo different from undergrad courses in my major/department. There were practically no homework assignments. Just a lot of required reading. The only real assignment was a 15-20 page final paper. From my understanding, that's pretty much the norm for grad classes in my department. They don't have exams, so everything is based on the final paper - that was a bit scary. It was also crazy to be in a course with so many of my past TAs, haha. There were two other undergrads in the course though (another senior and a sophmore), so I didn't feel super out of place.
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  • bopperbopper 14080 replies100 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    Look at the syllabus as soon as you get it. Like @zettasyntax said, sometimes they you are left waaaaay more on your own. There may not be as much structure (homework, quizzes, etc). So you can't just go to class and not do anything and hope it works out. If this is a humanities class, you may have to "assign yourself" reading homework (read 30 pages tonight) to keep up. You may want to "Scaffold" a big paper on your own....First see the professor about your topic. Then talk to them about an outline and annotated bibliography. If it is STEM, if there isn't homework make up your own homework. Get problems (with solutions!) and do them and find out if you are right or wrong.
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  • DPTgradstudentDPTgradstudent 4 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
    In my experience, my first semester of grad school was so hard but so rewarding. 30 hours in class a a week, 20-30 hours of studying, 2-4 tests a week and practical exams. My best advice is be disciplined, be organized, stay on it. You got accepted into grad school so you can do it. I go to a doctor of physical therapy program.
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  • austinmshauriaustinmshauri 8930 replies334 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    You're taking a 500-level course with a full undergrad course load? Why not finish your lower level courses first?
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