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Econ/Finance,etc vs Computer Science major

durbandurban 43 replies22 threads Junior Member
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So currently my math grades are basically B- to B range. (I'm in Math HL, which is like honors, but not genius level just look it up so u know what i mean!) And my math SAT is 720. Both are not up to par with what is needed for going to a good college for Computer Science.

Now obviously, I will be working on them this year to the best of my abilities (Senior year). However, if it doesn't work out for me and my scores don't improve as much as i want them to I don't think I should do CS and go for Econ/Finance because my scores won't be good enough for pretty-good colleges for CS (not talking about ivy league), but may still be good enough for pretty good colleges at least if im doing econ/finance/maybe something in that field w/ similar social sciency aspects (if my scores still improve somewhat just not as high as needed for CS)

(and i think CS is more of an impacted major than econ/finance,etc)

Computer Science is also really really popular? How competitive is it compared to Econ/Finance? From what I've heard though people good at math/adept at math do CS, you just need to be 'somewhat/fairly adept' at math for finance/econ thus the pool is larger and instead Econ is more competitive. what is the truth/consensus here IN GENERAL. I KNOW IT VARIES FROM COLLEGE TO COLLEGE ON WHAT MAJOR IS MORE COMPETITIVE

Also I am in the IB. If i am doing CS should I stay in Physics HL? If I do econ should i drop
to Physics SL (if i can i want to, if not i will bear it).. one thing im concerned is: colleges care/notice if you downgrade from HL to SL?

Note: I feel as an international asian male student I won't have much of a chance for doing
computer science anyways unless i hit my goals of the score i need that is why i'm
expanding my scope here in case i don't reach those scores but still want to attend a good colleges (because i don't want my sat or even to an extent grades pulling down my definitely above average ECs)
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Replies to: Econ/Finance,etc vs Computer Science major

  • durbandurban 43 replies22 threads Junior Member
    Was hoping to get some advice.. if anyone is willing to contribute
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  • NCKrisNCKris 265 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Firstly, as as International student, it is not easy to get admission, especially if you need any FA (can you afford to pay full ?)
    Secondly, grades and SAT scores are important overall, and not just for CS vs. Econ.
    BTW, there is no Finance major in undergrad (except maybe Wharton)
    Econ could be math based vs. social science
    How are your overall grades and ranking, ECs etc. Focus on your full application.
    Do you find Math/Physics harder than Lang and Social Science ?
    I am not fully familiar with IB, but think HL is equivalent to AP Physics. HL or SL, may not matter as much as if you took all 4 in High school - Bio, Chem, Phy, Math.
    Of course, it would be preferable to take Calculus and Physics HL for Engineering/CS.
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  • durbandurban 43 replies22 threads Junior Member
    edited August 2019
    @NKCris I found lang/social science easier... What do you mean econ math based vs econ social science.. the major is just called "Econ" right? Are you suggesting I do Business?

    I'm taking Math HL and Physics HL (and Econ HL), but I may drop down to Physics SL because:
    - Physics hl is for more like pure engineering and its ok to have physics sl for CS??
    - and math is more important and i need more time to focus on math to make my predicted score a 6/7....
    - and I might do BA in CS instead of BS...
    (BTW if I did BS in CS would you strongly recommend i stay in physics HL or is it still ok to drop to SL...)

    I can pay full w/out financial aid... my sat is 1380... 3.9 Weighted.. above average ECs for sure with a mix of leadership and tech based stuff..
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  • EconPopEconPop 414 replies7 threads Member
    edited September 2019
    @durban ,
    While considering which majors fit your math aptitude, you may want to consider something along the lines of a major in Statistics with a minor in CS. Just a thought.
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