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Is it too late to start working towards a music education degree?

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I'm currently an undergraduate in college, finishing up my senior year in a degree I thought I really enjoyed, but turns out I don't like it as much as I thought (so goes life, I'm sure). I'm wanting to make a career change and get a degree in music, and I've been considering a career in music education. I'm currently working with a private instructor to be admitted into my school's BA program, with the hopes of obtaining just a general BA in Music as I finish up my current degree program and then obtaining a master's degree specifically in music education.
The concern I have is that I haven't practiced my instrument (voice) in the nearly four years I've been out of high school and in college. A few factors prevented me from continuing in my college's choir, but it was mostly my own lack of self-awareness about what I really wanted to do (music is originally what I intended to study, but I started to lack confidence in my abilities when I received a rejection from my dream school). As I stated, I'm taking private lessons with a teacher and I'm enrolled at a local community college taking music courses there (namely music theory, ear training/sight reading/aural skills, and piano).
In essence, I'm wondering what a good plan of action would be. Does it make sense to obtain a BA in Music while I finish my current degree then go to graduate school for music education, or does it make more sense to complete a two-year degree in music through my local community college, transfer to a 4-year university with plans to study music education (so a second Bachelor's in my case), and then go to graduate school?
In either case, I think graduate school is something I would really like to do, especially for music education, but I know many graduate programs (for voice, especially) can be quite competitive to gain admission into. I feel that my time away from my instrument will do more harm than good as I near my audition.
I would appreciate any insight into this, from any current music students, advisors or parents of music students.
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