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Quandary now that I've got acceptances

rosypenrosypen 0 replies1 threads New Member
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So I've been doing quite well in the acceptance department: I've been accepted by a great program at my state school, a school that's offering me a hefty scholarship and another school that I'm going to have to interview for a scholarship. But I've realized that I don't feel any attachment to any school.

I'm still waiting on six schools and I've realized that I don't feel like "This is my dream school" other than one LAC, which is out of my reach financially since it doesn't give merit scholarships.

I'm a little scared because whenever a college asks me, "Why ____" I realize that I can say tons of stuff that I might be genuinely enthusiastic about, but I'm enthusiastic about that stuff, not because it's at that college. Is it normal to feel this dispassionate? How the heck am I supposed to decide in April when apparently all I can feel is, "I can't go to this school no matter what."
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Replies to: Quandary now that I've got acceptances

  • bzva74bzva74 412 replies15 threads- Member
    Just kill yourself.
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  • limabeanslimabeans 4649 replies105 threads Senior Member
    Give yourself another month. You probably don't have to decide until May 1st.
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  • Got2BeGreenGot2BeGreen 479 replies18 threads Member
    There is this myth that we are all supposed to have a "feeling" about that one special place or choice that makes us know we are really selecting rightly. Some people do have that feeling, but lots don't. Heck - some people don't even really love their brand new baby for several months!

    I think you'll be doing yourself a grave disservice if you think you MUST have these kinds of feelings.

    Instead of desperately trying to fall in love with a college, try making a rational decision - a decision that is in your own best interest. Once you've done that, you can encourage an attachment, nourish it, and let it grow.
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  • barronsbarrons 23077 replies1955 threads Senior Member
    Picking a school is just a first date. Plenty time to fall in love--and most love wherever they go. It's college.
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