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Time for another thread for B and C students


Replies to: Time for another thread for B and C students

  • g8rmomk8ansg8rmomk8ans 190 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I also need help. The online search engines don't seem very helpful--I'll put in test scores and GPAs and they'll still give me schools that she'd never get into! My D21 is a C+/B- student--current unweighted GPA is 2.85 (no "weighted" as she's never taken an honors or AP) She's got ADHD and dyslexia but is also generally unmotivated despite attending a rigorous prep school. Her Pre-ACT was a 26 composite, so she'll likely test pretty well. And of course big hopes for good grades this year as she finally gets the fact that she's under-applied herself long enough....We are in VA and I'd rather keep her in-state/public since we've paid so much for private school all these years, but are open to schools in nearby states. Her sister is in South Carolina which is too far and too "hot" for her, so she'd rather stay somewhere closer to home, ideally at a school that is 10-20,000 students. Did a casual look at Radford and she liked the campus a lot but we worry that the town is just too small. Will look at VCU but she's afraid of it being too big/too urban, and Longwood is too small. Will also consider ODU, CNU and UMW but not sure she'll have a chance at the last two. If anyone has any suggestions of schools that could be good to look at, it would be much appreciated! She wants to major in education, so that at least makes things easier.
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  • newenglandjanenewenglandjane 61 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Hello, I'm back on CC for our family's second and final round of the college admissions process. DS19 is entering his second year at Denison which was a great choice for him. DS17 is class of 2020, SAT 1160, UW GPA 2.47, W GPA 2.64, no extracurriculars whatsoever during the school year but makes good use of summers volunteering and doing interesting things. Diagnosed with ADD last spring, and plans to take SAT again, this time with accommodations (1.5 time and quiet room) and meds on board which made a big difference in his 4th quarter of junior year. I've been making lists of all the schools mentioned in this thread, but still overwhelmed since he's not helping narrow it down much. Just wanted to say hi and give thanks for this thread!
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  • SweetgumSweetgum 49 replies2 threads Junior Member
    g8rmomk8ans, have you looked at some of the non-flagship state schools in NC, like UNC-Greensboro, UNC-Asheville, Western Carolina? UNC-Wilmington might be too hot if she doesn't like the SC school. It's about the same climate-wise. Appalachian State might be a reach for her, but they have a great education program.
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