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Suggestion for Engineering university/college with this Stats


Replies to: Suggestion for Engineering university/college with this Stats

  • taverngirltaverngirl Registered User Posts: 727 Member
    Clarkson University would be a target I think.
  • naviancenaviance Registered User Posts: 596 Member
    You sound like a reasonable person. I hope you spend no more time or effort thinking about Carnegie Mellon. Start thinking about colleges that will be happy to have someone with your stats and your great ECs. You need to be realistic working with the grades you have and current SAT scores. You should definitely retest for the SAT and keep your list fluid as your scores change. Explore various schools and once you know what type of school you prefer you can expand your list. Good luck!!!

    Here are some suggestions:
    Union, Clarkson, RIT, Stevens, South Carolina, VA Tech, Drexel, U of Vermont, U of Dayton, Miami of Ohio, NJIT and Manhattan, WPI

    These are all in the realm of possibility. There are many more to pick from!! By being realistic, you will have a positive experience, you will spend time learning about schools you can get into and be successful while attending. You will also spend your time on applications wisely and probably end up with scholarship offers instead of heartbreak.
  • jlhpsujlhpsu Forum Champion Penn State Posts: 1,910 Forum Champion
    Naviance doesn't separate out my major, so in my opinion it's worthless if you are applying to competitive majors
    at Penn State such as Engineering and Business. You are in the ballpark for Engineering, but by no means a sure thing at Penn State. If you are concerned about admission at Penn State, you could apply for Undecided and then work towards the Engineering major from there. It would not take you longer and you would be a target for Penn State undecided. I wouldn't doubt you would get in. Keep in mind PSU handle their majors differently than many universities. NO ONE is "IN" their major until they complete the entry to major requirements and apply for admission sometime during the end of their sophomore year in college. If you get "In" to the Engineering major as a freshmen, you are considered "pre major" and everyone...Pre Major and those in DUS (Undecided) that want to major in engineering, take the exact same entry to major classes. So you are neither behind nor disadvantaged by going in undecided. You do have to check though, because some engineering majors require you to be in them earlier than others.
  • Not a robotNot a robot Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    @JustGraduate @bodangles according to naviance I was so I am saying naviance doesn't show the full picture of my chance so do you guys think virginia tech and Penn State will be my target school or dream school?
  • Not a robotNot a robot Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    @naviance what school do you recommend for early decision schools. Early decision I heard has a higher acceptance rate out smaller group. I was thinking about apply Carnegie mellon for Early decision because why not but after hearing from you. Should I apply early for Virginia tech or Boston University.
  • Not a robotNot a robot Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    @jlhpsu If I go undecided with improved SAT score do you think my chances are above 50 or below 50
  • CheeringsectionCheeringsection Registered User Posts: 2,398 Senior Member
    edited May 2017
    Go to asee.org and search the online school profiles for more specific info on what scores are for each school's 25th and 75th percentile. CMU's SAT math range is 720 (25th) and 800 (75th).
  • JustGraduateJustGraduate Registered User Posts: 672 Member
    edited May 2017
    @not a robot - my understanding is Naviance data is for the university as a whole, and does not drill down to acceptance data for colleges/majors within a university - for those U's that admit directly into a college. If that's not the case with the Naviance data, ignore my comments.

    Directly from VT - data on 2016 entering freshmen in CoE
    25% GPA - 3.97 75% GPA 4.35

    25% SAT - R 572 75% R 670
    25% SAT M 650 75% M 730
    25% SAT W 560 75% W 650

    What they don't show is any differences between OOS and in state acceptances. Would love to see that.

    Not to be a downer but SAT wise you're between 50-75% and < 25% for u/w GPA. So not a safety but not a dream either. My son didn't get into CoE several years ago in spite of having > 75% GPA and right at 75% SAT. The reason he was denied (he asked) was a C in calc 1st semester freshman year - which was a teacher error. There are so many qualified students that it often comes down to something a small as a semester grade..... My rec would be to apply but don't put in safety category. And expect to be full pay. Good luck
  • jlhpsujlhpsu Forum Champion Penn State Posts: 1,910 Forum Champion
    I think you are above 50%, but it will also depend on how your school weights classes. If the weighting is really generous, then there may not be as much credence given to your weighted GPA. Overall though, I think you are in line with your weighted GPA and test scores. Middle 50% for Penn State, for acceptance into ALL majors, can be found here:
  • naviancenaviance Registered User Posts: 596 Member
    If you were my kid, I would recommend that you focus on finding safeties and matches that you are excited about. Read about them, visit them if possible, go to the bookstore, imagine wearing their T-shirt.

    The next step would be to retake SAT or ACT with preparation if you want to retake your tests. When new scores are back, reassess based on your new information. Then pick realistic reaches and/or dream schools.

    Also, start working on your essays. When you visit each school, jot down a few things that stood out for you or nice interactions you had with a student, professor or tour guide. These will become helpful in your "Why ________?" essays. All of these steps are more important than worrying about CMU or other top 20 schools.

    With your current GPA I doubt that CMU will become realistic for you even with ED. I would recommend that you not worry about ED just yet. Start to fall in love or in "like" with some really great options! If one school starts to stand out as "the one" then go for it! Start your college list from the safeties then move on to matches. Reaches are easy to add in later- don't dwell on them. I wish you the best of luck. I bet you will find a college that you love and will be a great fit that will be thrilled to have you!!!!
  • Not a robotNot a robot Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    @naviance I definitely agree, I am not just focused on Carnegie Mellon and I think I have 3% of getting in the Carnegie Mellon itself.I have made my list 4 dream school 4 Target 4 Likely. I have seen your lists for target & likely school( I added all those schools to my list) then what dream schools do you recommend for me? I am really open minded to any school, and also which school should I do early decision Boston University, Syracuse or Virginia Tech?
  • Not a robotNot a robot Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    edited May 2017
    @JustGraduate is it ok for me to ask what other school did your son apply to other than Virginia Tech?
  • JustGraduateJustGraduate Registered User Posts: 672 Member
    Pitt, NCState, VCU, George Mason, UVa. Did not get into UVa at all (not a fit imo so that was ok). Got into engineering at others, except VT. Worked out though, was able to eventually change into CoE and will graduate later this year.
  • retiredfarmerretiredfarmer Registered User Posts: 997 Member
    edited May 2017
    It is easy to get wrapped up with numbers. They can be fun to play with, one can work out rankings, probabilities and play the alpha-numeric soup.

    College is a personal growth. At its best, college is a process of self discovery. Whatever your standardized tests scores and grades may be relative to some applicant pool average, your work does not indicate a lack of raw horsepower. You are not defined by these test scores. They are just easier to talk about than the more complex taste of the entire soup. What do you really hope to discover or accomplish while in college?

    Admission is not your end goal, but one step in a developing process. This is why it helps for you to think about the process that happens after you matriculate to a school.

    These are just a few questions:
    Would you like to work with a team or prefer to work alone?
    What activities rejuvenate your spirits?
    Will your peers want to work with you?
    Do you see education as a collection of courses to be passed or as a trip to the store to select relevant tools?
    Do you see learning as a continuous process that does not end after college?
    Do you want a faceless committee to tell you what to do or do you want to know why?

    I am an old WPI Alumnus who worked ten years in the admissions office as the school was going through a learning revolution. As a graduate of the older traditional course/lecture/laboratory system, I was totally taken by the fresh approach being developed at that time. Hopefully, they will continue to grow and to improve the educational process in yet more inventive directions.

    If curious (curiosity is the root of all truth) check this out at https://www.wpi.edu/wpi-plan. Olin and Harvey Mudd have two more very interesting approaches to the science/engineering world that are well grounded in interdisciplinary approaches to learning.
  • eyemgheyemgh Registered User Posts: 5,608 Senior Member
    No one can really guide you because you haven't offered enough information. What if someone says Cornell and you say "I'm sick of winter!" Big/Medium/Small? Urban/Suburban/Rural? N/S/E/W? Hiking vs. Shopping? What's important to you beyond simply stat matches and reaches?
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