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Very STEM Focused, what schools can I get into with my credentials

dhpojhs01dhpojhs01 0 replies3 threads New Member
I am trying to get into a good mid/high tier school for applied mathematics because that's basically all I'm good at lol.

General Info:

Asian Male
Upper-Middle Class Family
From New York, Not really willing to go across the country for college unless its necessary or I get into an amazing school
Intended Major - Applied Mathematics

3.7 Unweighted GPA
4.2 Weighted GPA
No Class Rank Provided by School

SAT: 1500 (800 Math + 700 Reading + Writing)
SAT Subject: Math II - 800, Physics - 720, Biology - 700

AP Courses:

Sophomore Year:
- AP Statistics (5)
- AP Biology (5)
- AP European History (3, Yeah, messed up really badly)

Junior Year:
- AP Calculus BC (Score Pending)
- AP Physics 1 (Score Pending)
- AP English Language (Score Pending)

Senior Year
- AP Economics
- AP Physics C (Mechanics)
- AP Psychology
- AP Comp Sci Principles

- Taking Multi-Variable Calculus senior year


Mathletes (Secretary)
Science Olympiad
Science Bowl

Varsity Swimming
Varsity Track and Field
JV Lacrosse

Other Activities:

Volunteering at Hospital (200+ hours)
- 2016-2018

Independent Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
- Summer of 2017 (300+ hours)
- Summer of 2018 (300+ hours)

Total Volunteering Hours: 200+ hours (not including research)

Participated in Lexus Eco Challenge, Toshiba ExploraVision Competition, Clean Tech Competition
Participated in F=ma physics competition, and Physics Bowl exam

Medical Marvels Research Competition- 1st place presentation award
Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF JV)- Honorable Mention/4th place
New York State Science and Engineering Fair (NYSSEF Andromeda)- Honorable Mention/4th place
WAC Lighting Invitational Science Fair- Honorable Mention/4th place

Nassau Math Tournament
- Top 20 Individual in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade
- Top 10 team 9th, 10th, and 11th grade
Nassau County All-Star Math Team- Top 50 in the county
- 2016-2017 (Participated in New York State Math League)
- 2017-2018 (Participated in New York State Math League and American Regional Math League)
American Regional Math League
- Member of County A team- placed top 20 in the nation
AMC 10
- Placed in Honor Roll (9th and 10th grade)
AMC 12
- Placed in Honor Roll (11th grade)

Letters of Recommendation:
- AP Calculus BC teacher
- AP Physics 1 teacher
- Head of my lab at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
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Replies to: Very STEM Focused, what schools can I get into with my credentials

  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 34150 replies4934 threads Super Moderator
    How much can your family afford? The SUNYs would be good options to start with.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83911 replies744 threads Senior Member
    SUNYs like Stony Brook seem like obvious choices.
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 10458 replies124 threads Senior Member
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  • yucca10yucca10 1418 replies40 threads Senior Member
    NYU has a great applied math program if you can afford it.
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  • RoaringMiceRoaringMice 693 replies2 threads Member
    edited June 2018
    I like you for MIT and NYU. Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, SUNY Stony Brook, Princeton, U Maryland, Johns Hopkins.
    edited June 2018
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  • eyemgheyemgh 5786 replies124 threads Senior Member
    You can get into lots of places. You'd get better, more focussed guidance, if you laid out a little more detail of what you're looking for (size? location? hobbies? weather? sports? etc.).
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  • TTGTTG 1663 replies14 threads Senior Member
    Congratulations on your hard work and success! Yes, you can very reasonably shoot for some of those very competitive schools in #5.

    Some of the top state universities might very well also be accessible to you Maryland (above), Michigan, Wisconsin, depending what area most appeals to you. U Conn maybe, certainly not far away, lots of advantages.

    Here's one we love: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI): beautiful New England LAC-style campus in a nice part of Worcester; terrific students (about 5000 undergrads), pretty close to gender balance in recent classes, high starting salaries; very hands on and project oriented, if that appeals; in central Mass, so not too far from you



    One comment, applied math is great, if that's what you love. A career and a lifetime are very long, find your passion and pursue that. That will bring the most happiness over the long run.

    Good luck!
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  • tk21769tk21769 10710 replies27 threads Senior Member
    The term "STEM Focused" could refer to several different kinds of colleges, such as:

    1. A technology institute or engineering school (such as MIT, Caltech, New Mexico Tech, Olin, Colorado Mines)

    2. Any college or university with one or more very strong STEM departments (there are scores of such schools, including the 8 Ivies and most state flagships)

    3. An "open curriculum" college/university (such as Brown) with no (or minimal) distribution requirements, so you can load up on STEM courses while avoiding courses in the humanities and social sciences.

    I suggest Brown, because it is an Open Curriculum school that also seems to be strong in applied math.
    Other possibilities in the NE/mid-Atlantic: Cornell, NYU, Maryland (College Park).
    See: https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-science-schools/applied-mathematics-rankings
    (but note that this is a graduate program ranking)

    Run the online Net Price Calculators on any schools that interest you (if "upper middle class" means costs are an issue.)
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  • moooopmoooop 2204 replies17 threads Senior Member
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2948 replies8 threads Senior Member
    Off the top of my head, you actually qualify for a near or full tuition scholarship at Alabama, Auburn, TCU, and Baylor.
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